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Will be puulialicü evcry vveunesday mom Jng in Ann Arbor, Waahteiiaw county, Michigan, by tho Exocutivc Cooimittee, for the Michigan State Anti-SIavey Society. N. SULLIVAN, PRINTER. Tbrms. - $2,00 per annum-, in advance. $2,50 in six months. L3,00, if payment bs delayed tö tho close of the yéar. A strict adberencc to the abovc terms will be obscrved in evcry case. {L7-No paper will be discontinuad unlil all arroarages aro paic].0 Advertisemkm's tiiankfu'ly received and inserted at the ususl prices in this vicinity. Any friend of humanity desiring to aid the causo of Liberty, is authorized to act as Agent. All remiïtancrs and all Communications designed for publication or in any marmer relating to the "Signal of Liberty," will be hereafter addrpssed OUpost pmdD Sional or Libertt; Ann Arbor, Mich.u Our TravcïJiiigf aad Loca! Agcssts, Throuöhout the State, are kspecially rbquk9ted to notige the terms on wuich this paper 13 published. as 1t IS EXPECTED THEY WILfllAKE THEIR COLLECTI0N3 AND REMITTANCES IN A.CCORDAÍÍCE THEEEWITH, IN EVERT INSTaNCE. [SEE PROPOSITION.] ; i i. ...4. SIGNAD OF Ï.IBERTY. Wcdaicscïaij Mards 30, tS42.


Signal of Liberty
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