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The papers state that[;ere ík. a protective duty in Canada on the mportation of ealt pork, while fresh pork is dmitted f'rce of duty. A yankee has taken store house, on tbe Canada eide, near Wind or, whcre he buya any quantities of Arner ican fresh pork, and salie itdown. Trie Canadíaos must try again.The article on the American Borönd Slavery, copied last yeek frooi tbtefoan. qipator, is correctcd by th$ wriiei; aa füi.'lows: A. B C. F. M. and Slavery.-ThQ thor of the article under this head bastena to correct n rnistake whicb occurred früm separating iüto two paragraf what l,e in tended for one. In ofthig' the word uformer' nstoad of referrinc to'; "members," is appüed by the editor to "male" missionaries. Ii oiny indeed ba true that some of the "tattei" are alaveholders, hut it was not intended to tnako.' any euch assertion. Should they outlire their parents, doubtless they wouid coma tohold them. The father "of ne i8 tha holder of twenty slavea, supports a dauch ter inhisowr, family, and defrays a part of liis travelling expenses.


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