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Special Proposition

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Q S f} 8 Q 8TWO DOLLARS IN3TEAD OF THREE. To tije Pairons of the Signal: - A oomoiuaüou of circumstances of a pecuniary nnLuro h&e induced the eubecribcr to make to the patrone of the Sig7ial,-one and all, lbo Fbllowing proposition, viz: That all thote oho will remit to vs tkrcugk thtir Poetnuuter, the amount of thtir indeltedness to the Signal, e ft much or litlle, eo that il reache us by the FIRST DAY OF MAYnext, shall have their Paper ai the rate of TWO DOLLARS per annum. Thia propoeal ia mado with ihe hope that tha subecribers to the paper, generally, throughout the State, will uvail themselvea of its advantage, and thus benefit thetnselves and accommodate Lbe subscriber. N. SULL1VAN, Pubüsher. C5N. B, Thoso who refuse thia prnpostion, 'vill not of course complatn. if we exact ihe [published] terms in every cose.