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Address From The People Of Ireland, To Their Country-men And...

Address From The People Of Ireland, To Their Country-men And... image
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Deau 1ííikm)s: - Yuu are a great disatico from your ualive lund! A wide ex unsG oí' water separates you from tho beuved eouiUry of jour birih - from us ond froiu tlie kindred whora you love, und who ove you, ind pray íov your happincss and )rosperi;y in the land of your adopiion. We regard América wiih feelingj ofudniratiun; we do nut look upon her as a strango land, nor upon her peipJo as uens (rom our nffections, The power of Bteain has brougbt us nearer logethor; U will ulerease thc intentourse belween U6, su thal ilie churacter oí the lrifrh people uá ot' the American people mu6t iu tuiuro je acted upon by üie fcelings aud di.-posiiou of each. The objeci of this address ie to cali your altention to iho subjeci oí SLAYERY ÍN AMERICA- that íoj'1 blotupon iheuoblo nsututions and the iair í'ame of your adopted country . But íbr ihís one Biain, Arnerca would, indeed, be a land worthy your adopiion ; but she will nevor be the glorious country tbat her fiee constitution designed er to be, so long as her eoil is polluied by he foot print of a single slave. Siavery isthe rnosi ucinendous invasión of ihe natural, inalienable righla of man, and of sume of tiro uoblest gil'ts of God, 'lite, iibetty, and ihe pursuit oí happiness." Whut a spectaele does America present to he people of the earth ! A land of profesaiig cinistian republicana, uuiting their eneries for the oppression und degradation ofthree millionsof innocent human beingB, tiie chiidren of one common Father, who suffered ihe mosi grievous wfongs and the utmost degradation for no crime of their ancestors or iheir own! Siavery is asm ogninst God and man. All who ai e not for tí, must be against ii. None can na NEDXHal. We entrcat you to íake thepart ofjustice, religión and Ixbcrty. li is in vain that American citizena altempt to conceal their own and iheir country'a degradation under this withering curse. America is cursed by siavery! - WE CALL UPON YOU TO UN1TE W1TH THE ABOLITI'JNISTS, ander to cease your cflbrts, until perfect liberty be granted toevery uncuf her inhubitants, ihe black man us well as the white man. We are all chiltlren of Ihe eauo gracious God; all equally entitled to life, liberiy, and the pursuü of happiness. We are told llmt you possess great power, boih moral and politicnl, in America. - We eniieatyou to exerciso that power and that influenco tbr the sake of humanity. You will not witness the horrors üf slavery in uli the S.'ales of America. Thirtoen of ihemareyrcc, and thirteen aresZare States. Bul in all, the pro slavery feclhig, Uiüuyh rapidly decreaeing, is still stronajM Do not unite with il: on the conirary, 0PP05E IT BY ALL THE PEACEI13Í, MÜANS -II y. uu power. JO1NU1TH' 1EAÜ0 LITIONISTS EVER Y WHERE. Tkeg are the o?ih; consistent advocates oflxbcrty Teil cvery tiran, thaB do nol undereiatid liberty for ihe v.ïd Rn, und slavery f or the black man: iha you are for LIBERTY FOR ALL, offl cry color, creed, and country. The Americun citizfn proudly poinls lo ihc tiiitional declarution of itidependence, which declurcs ihat uAil nmnkind are boru free r.nd i.ijual, and arenlike entiiled la lile, libciiv, und iho pui snit of happiness." Aiil hini to carry out tl ble decluratioi), by obtaiuin (he slave. Irisbmèa and Irishwomcn ! trettt the colorcd people as your equah, at brethren. - ■ By all your memoiesuf lreland, coiin to love libery - hate elavery - CLING B THE AUOLlTlONISTS-and'ia Amer- icn, you will do honor to the name of' Ireland. [Signcd b) ] DANIEL O'CONNELL, 'JUiEOBALD MATIIEW, And fö-SIXTY THOUSANDJ) otitcr Inhabitant8 of lreland