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AADL Talks to Argus Camera's Milt Campbell, Art & Elwyn Dersham

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 8:08am


In this episode, AADL talks to former employees of [|Argus Camera.] In 1931, a group of Ann Arbor businessmen got together to address the problem of unemployment amid the Great Depression. They raised stock and [|formed a company] that would become Argus Camera. Argus went on to become one of the [|largest employers] in Ann Arbor and one of the most […|prestigious] and [|well-known camera manufacturers] in the world.

We talked with Milt Campbell, Art Dersham and Elwyn Dersham about their years at Argus during its heyday in the [|1940s and 50s] and the challenging years of the [|1960s] and [|70s] as the company’s fortunes declined and Argus [|left Ann Arbor] forever.

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