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Signal Of Liberty--volume Second

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The eecond volume of the Signal will commonce April 25. The Executive Commitlee have made arrangements for issuing t on an improved and enlarged sheet. In addiüon to the usuhI amount of Anti-slavery intelligence, it will contain a Bank Note List and Price Current, carefully corrected every week from the most recent advices, and alao a complete eummary of News, bcth Poreign and Domestic. Every exertionwill be used to communicate to the readers of the Signal the earliesc intelhgence on every point of interest to thein. Persona wiahing to advertise will find the Signal the best medium of communication for al) parts of the State, as our present circulation extends to nearly every County. This paper ought to be placed on the pormonciit basis of cash pay menta. It can be done wilheass. Each aubscriber can better pay two dollars at the commencement of the year, than et the end of it: and by so doing, he will have the pJeasureof reading a paper that ia paitkj'pr - he will save the troubie and expense of an agent employed to collect his eubscription-T-will place the paper on a permanent foundation - enable the Editor and Publisher to ïta"'better justice to (8 contents- and relieve the Executive Committee of continued embarrasssments. Who of our subscnbers will refuse thus to benefít themselves, and promote the speedy triumph of our glorious cause, merely for the purpose of delaying the paymeot of two dollars for a few montli6? Fbiends! Are not these things ea? l( they are, will ïou act üpon them.