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Special Proposition: Two Dollars Instead Of Three

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To the Pairons of the Signal: - A combinatiou of circumstancee of a pecuuiary nature hes induced the eubseriber to make to the patrons of the Signal, one and all, the following proposition, viz: Tkat all those who tcill remit to us through their Postmester, the amount of their indebtedness to the Signal, be it much or Hule, so thal it reaches us by the FIRST DAY OF MAYnext, shall have their Paper at the rate of TWQ DOLLARS per annum. Tliis proposal is made with the hope that the subscribers to the paper, generally, throughout the State, will avail themselves of itá advantoge, and thus benefit themselves and accommodate the eubscriber.CN. B, Those who refuse this propo6tiun, vill nol ofcourse complain. if we xao the [published] terms in every case.3 3 ? 9 J