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Erika Mann, German Exile, Devotes Life To Democratic Crusade

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> Erika Mann, German Exile, Devotes .. Life To Democratic Crusade


Erika Mann, the featured speaker on the fall program of the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti branch of the American Association of University Women, who will lecture here tomorrow on “Who Has Youth, Has the Future," was considered the outstanding personality on the program of the national convention of A.A.U.W. held last summer.

She is a noted example among the representatives of Germany's former culture, who have become ardent crusaders for the democratic way of life and of government since the rise of the Nazi dictatorship. She declares that her purpose in life is to work for the downfall of that dictatorship. The daughter of the novelist. Thomas Mann, this member of the exiled family went to England last summer as a correspondent, and addressed the peoples of Europe over the radio with such force that the German ministry of propaganda was forced to deny her statements.

Several Books

She formerly wrote travel stories and children's books, but these are supplanted by a book on education under the Nazis, “School for Barbarism," and two volumes prepared in collaboration with her brother, Klaus—“Escape to Life" and “The Other Germany." Miss Mann collaborated with Walter Millis, William L. White, J. Garret Underhill and McGeorge Bunday in the preparation of "The Zero Hour," a book which emphasizes the need for clear thinking to preserve democracy in the world today. The volume has a preface by Stephen Vincent Benet and is scheduled for publication soon.

Miss Mann thinks that the chances of overthrowing Nazism are not hopeless. She does not hold the democracies blameless for the rise of Hitler and insists they have made some stupid blunders, one at the time of the Sudeten question when Hitler’s bluff should have been called, and another at the time the Axis invaded Spain and with the active collaboration of the democracies, overthrew the Republican government.

The speaker tomorrow, who was expatriated shortly after she left Germany voluntarily eight years ago, expects to become an American citizen soon.

' To Remain For Tea

Miss Mann will speak at the meeting, open to members and guests, at 3 o'clock tomorrow after-noon in the Lydia Mendelssohn theater. She will remain for the tea, and the members and their guests may meet her then in the Ethel Fountain Hussey lounge of the Michigan League with the branch president, Mrs. Fred S. Dunham, of Oswego St.

The committee on arrangements for the events is headed by Mrs. A. M. Valerio of W. Liberty Rd., with Mrs. Leslie A. Wikel of the Anberay, Miss Ethel Towar of Sunset Rd,, Mrs. Otto W." ’Haisley of Melrose Ave., Mrs. Ernest Barker of Ridgeway, Mrs. Rowan Fas-quelle of Dexter Rd., Mrs,' H. N, Barnard of Olivia Ave., and Mrs. Charles Rayment of Cross St.