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Town Elections--oakland County: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Farmington, April 5ih, 1842. Theelection for township officers is pas sed, und not a man of the libèrly party is elected, and no one of them is in the least d6heartened or discouraged for we have a clear gnin over the last fait election of 15. For ou r ticket was got up on pure liberty principie?, though efibrts were made to put on a few good men from the other ranks, just enough to prevent them from making a nominalion, et that we mightappear to elect our cnlire ticket. Uut the fnends of equal rights here thought the cause good enough to stand on its own merils, nnd chose to try what a genuine ticket would do. The whiga said jf we pursued such a course we should be the means oí electing the demacráis. - They were told, ihat depended on .their own doings: if they did not choosc to vote for the Abolitionists, they miht tiy their own strength without them. For they had generallysuceeeded with case, ha ving always had tha help of the Abolitiunists in the spring elosiions until ihis tine. They tooi; their own course, which was n Southern leaninjr, and like Samsou, slopt on the knees of Delilah, (which meansti ennsumer) and like him they awoke, and found their locks shorn, and their sircnglh dep-uted. The new discovery was made this spring that it wns unnecessary to bo so particular about town organization: it only created needless bickenng among neighbors, and some proposiiiuns were made to unite on the beSi tt:en, and let the liberty folks know they could do nolhing in this towu. Bul party lines were kept a little too high to be broken over just novv. But before and on the dny of the town meeting, we were accused of bemg a British party - the allies of Queon Victoria - the oíd British Federalista- seducera and getters away of menVproperty, and abpve all we were running the Berkshire ticket, &.C. &c, all of which was very kindly received. Our votes numbered hot with, tanding, from 48 to 53, which are left to batch by the genial warmth of the incubation of mora! suasion, which we conceivc to be the sine qua non of our political actton. Eight towns we bcliove have organized for township purposns this spring: we hope they will all report their succes8 thus far. it will not be long before Oakland will speak on the subject of universal liberiv wilh lasting and availing