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Robert C. Bliss Retires As Head Of Company

Robert C. Bliss Retires As Head Of Company image
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Robert C. Bhss Retlres
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Robert C. Bhss, who was born 1n M1-
ien and for the lest 32 Years Was head ef
Qnerry» nee retired fren* aetive ieveive-
ment in the eernpeny- He Will beeerne
chairman of the b0a1`d- j§;;ffi_§f_;;;§§=;1
Bliss grew np is Washtenaw Cnnntb’ 1:
area and then SPent 10 Years with the E- ”
R- Squibb & Sens Ce, n Piiernieeentieel .
firm in New Yerk- "“
Also during his business career here
he Wes president Of Wolverine Plastics
frenn 1941`t° 1951- Bliss has been e mem
ber ef the beard ef directors fer the Ne-
tien-ei Bank and Trnet Ce- and Chairmen
ef the trnet eennnittee fer the inet 15
_ years- He was 011 the beard Of direeters ` ii‘i
of the Ann Arbor Area Chamber of Com- ; if
merce from 1962 to 1965. Bliss was also Lf? .jf'
On the b02rd Of direeters fer the Salva- §§l'_if;lff “:i»r 2;
tion Army for 10 years during the 1930s, :_ Vl'_;
and was a board member of Michigan 't'< f ' - ' ;s;;;a;f=s== ‘-~. ;f12;s=:f:s=§=2~
flggded Plastics in Dexter from 1955 to 1 RGBERT C_ BLISS
Bliss and Duane Eidseri teek ever ep- ness grow from $100,000 in sales in 1939
eration of the Quarry Drug store in 1939 to $5 million in 1971. Today the company
from James Quarry who had founded the includes physician-hospital s u p p 1 y ,
business in 1898 at the corner of N. micro-scientific and photography supply
University and State. Bliss saw the busi- divisions. , 1