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Be True to Your School - Answer Sheet

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1. Estabrook in 1949; Joseph Estabrook was the head of the Normal from 1871 to 1880.
2. Roosevelt (on campus) and Lincoln.
3. Head Start – developed and tested in Perry School; participants were tracked over time.
4. George Cavender who succeeded William Rivelli.
5. Prospect became Adams; Harriet became Perry; and Central became Kingston. Adams and Kingston were Ypsilanti educators. Dr. Lawrence Perry was a local dentist and member of the Ypsilanti School Board.
6. Roosevelt athletic teams and the school newspaper.
7. The Seminary.
8. 1959, East and West Junior High schools later to be renamed Middle Schools.
9. They were younger; females could be admitted at 16 while males had to be 18.
10. The Grapefruit.
11. High School principal – Ypsi High (Wiltse) and Roosevelt (Menzi).
12. Ypsilanti High School Drum and Bugle Corps.
13. “Snob Hill” – in the mistaken belief that it was a rich kid’s school. In fact, the school population was carefully managed to reflect the area’s population. Many standardized tests were developed using Roosevelt students. In order for these tests to provide accurate results, the test populations had to be similar to the school populations that would later use these tests.
14. The synchronized swimming team at Roosevelt was one of the first and best in southeastern Michigan.
15. The bust of Teddy Roosevelt displayed in the Roosevelt Library. While “on leave” Teddy attended athletic events and was guest of honor at student parties.
16. Penmanship. The school quickly added a number of other business classes.
17. Michigan State Normal College admitted women since its inception. The first woman was admitted to the University of Michigan in 1866 to study Greek.
18. Mark Jefferson was a geographer who did some of the first geographic studies and maps of South America and served as Chief Cartographer for the U. S. delegation to the Paris Peace Talks following World War I. Jefferson could have secured a post in the most prestigious universities but stayed at the Normal believing that training teachers in geography was crucial to the success of pupils throughout the country.
19. 1970.
20. The first kindergarten in Ypsilanti opened in 1888 at the Normal Training School. The concept of creating learning environments for very young children originated in Germany.