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Troubles Of Slavery

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The South itself is in a state of intense fermentation. In Kentucky is a strong party in favor of gettirg rid of slavery. We&tern Viri inia can scarc ely repre?s her murmurings against the foiu system; but lutely they wcre ut tured íh a petitionto Cougress tbr abolitiou. - Virginia is noreover in an angry snarl with New York, wJose iree-lavv loco-motive ran against her baggnge car, culled "Peculiar Institution," on the high-way of State intercouree. This gives birth to lively discussion between proprietors and passengers of the two car?, of which the results will prove most significant. Maryland, in distress for her runaway "proprty," strives to liold a convention to secure it. Ashamed of her own secrets, she iniprisons a peaceable northern reporter, and all the free statcs hiss thereat, to lier gieat annoyance; and to increase her truublee, the more religious portion of her own citizens rise to rebuke her domgs. South Carolina is in a fury with Great Uritain about lier shipwrecked slaves; yet she can in no wise refrain from making common cause with Virginio, in her battle with New York. Louisiana terrified at the increasing population and wealth of the free blacks, ol the vicinity of the British West Indies, and the exertion of English influence in Cuba, finds time likewiee to join hands with Virninia and South Carolina in this crusade. Georgia doe.s the saine, though her old 6lnve controversy with Maine is stil tin"' " 11 C'.'n'rue toirether, ar'1 :- áoro, pasa - - ...,ij. MÍ6S1S,uü under her State debts. . ui part for the purchase of tihvejand i involving Biiits at the Supreme Couit of the United States destined to have a very impor;nnt bearing on the issue between elavery and ' freedom. Then comes the heavy unpaid debts of the J South, moving northern ttierchants, manufacturéis, and mechamos, to execrations altogether irreverent toward the sacred (Jnion; nnd #ne midst of the curses, not a few nre brought tT ' see and acknowledge that t can in no T ree be profitable for comtnunilies to ent their .vn laborers. To this the South replies that ie laborers eat their masters; the North p( snds that 6he grows daily more dnbious c, hethera partnership in such a victualling z iblisemenl can be in any wise advantngeous. E Then come ehip loads of East India cotton. a ná the phantoms of thousands more, across h lie already chokedup path of the "peculiar Sl istitution;" whereat statesmen utter a chorus p f howls, which avail nothjng. c It were well for the South to panse, and ask ], ierself with whom she is playing her deperate r, ;ame, when she finda herself tiius t ed at every turn. r On one side is all Europe, combined with f 3onth America, and even Texas, for the r ro5rm of the slavo trade. O:i the other, is he United States separated from the civilized kvorld, tryinor to stretch her Ptarry ilaj over t Lhe fonl enormlty. Between the two hes war ( with England. For the ground of that , battle piece, see the Critish West Indies, , s warming with black troops, who well remember whnt slavery is; Hayti, wtth its vivid ' collections, and active sympathies, all arrayed ngainst slavery : Mexico, with abundant cause to hate lhe United States, pnrticularly the sourthern portion of it: and the Indians swarming on our borders, with long arrears of wrong to settle, after their fashion. with tomahawk andr knife. Tliese wrongs too, are linked with elavery; for what is our "Qreat Plorida Negro Hnnt;" but a war for the right of kidnnppinsr Indinri babes, ly molhers held as slaves? To crown all, t'ne focus arnund wliich these inflammable mnterials are coüccting, is the placo for slavee of the worst description. Does a slnve commit a crime? He is eold to the southwest. Is he so intelligenter po to be considered langerous? Ile is sold to the southwest. [she suspectod of plotting insurrection? He is sold to the soulhwest; there to be goaded in! o fory by severity greater than that from which he esenpes. Surely the walls are closing nround


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