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Explosion Of The Steamboat Medora! Great Loss Of Life!

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wcently built, caïculoted to ply between Baltimore and Norfolk, exploded while at the wharf in Ballimore, just as she was on an excursión down the bay to test her qualities. - Tbe bell rung, and the wheels made three revclutions, when the boiler burst with a tremendous report, throwing up clouds of vapor, attended with fragments of the vessel, and the bodies of the unfortunate human beings on board. The vessel was madean entire wreek in an instant - all her timbers, from her engine forward being rent away. It is supposed that tbe boiler was nearly exhausted, and had become hot, nnd in this state water was let in. - The naines of 10 who were killed are given, and 29 injured, most of Ihem bndly. Disproportion in thh Cknsus. It appears the last censúa, that there are over 30C,000 re men than women n the United States. C'O'SUMPTION OF MlLK IN GrEAT BrITAIN. - Five hundred and eighty mjllions of gallons annually. A Whale Riding.- A fine specimen of the spermnciti whale was lately taken off New Bedford, and cnrried to lloston by railroad. - This is probably the first whale that ever took & ride on a milrnad. Capt. Jas. Piitit, of Polk Co. Tenn., a man with no family but L5 negroee. blew out his brains- leaving his property to His slaveö, whom he riirecfed to be (reed. We snppose a hot-headeil nbolitionist would sny to the rest of the slaveholders, 'Go and do likewise.' - Boston Transcript. 05a We suppose a cold blooded pro-slavery man would say - 'Am I my brother's keeper?' or, Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given totbe poor? - Li6rator. The National home industry Convention, which convened at New York on the 4th inst., ndjourned on the 8(h. Reports were made by committees on the different branches of Home Industry, which are to bfi submitted to the public by a coramittee of pnblication in a complete and connected fbrm. They will doubtless be highly interesting. A delegation was appoin - ted to proceed to Washington, and lay their views befvre Conjyress.A Calcutta mail has arrived direct, by steam, for the firs-t time, at Alsxandria, that is, Suez. A cotnrnunicntion, by stcam, is now established by all the Presidences of Britiph India. Frotn Bengnl to Madras, 715 miles, was done in tbree days 20 hours: from Madras to Ceylon, 519 miles, in two dnys 19 bours; thence to Aden, .2253 vnúep, in deven days and 7 hours; nnd from the latter to Suez, 1427 miles, in teven days and 16 hours; miking in all 4,894 miles jn fil.' hours - averagingf 190 miles a day, - This is stated to be the lougest steam voyage yet made; and, considering that she was laden hecvily, and detened 56 hours for coals at Aden,aa íavorabJe a voyage as could be expected. A Mr. Tompkins. and Col. Cook, fought a uel a few days eince oppwite Vicksburgh - Wapon, pistols; dista nce 80 paces; result b0th ktl!5 VVe bould think this satiftctorj. A new knitting machine has been nvented in Portgmouth, N. H., a very small afluir, not more than twenty-two inches in Jength, and twelve inchcs high. The movement wheels of the machine are few, but verv eccentric. The needlea or teeth, however, arewonderfuüy ingenious. The machinery is propelled by steam, and a young woman can, with perfect ease, attend lo three of these machines, and with them weave ninety poir of Etockings a day.


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