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Irish Repeal

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-Very'large meetings havebeen held, in fnvor of Irish repeal, and money contributed, in New Orleans, Kentucky, New Vork. fee. Americans, not a few, unite in (his with the Trisli and their descendants. Yet we are ilie people who rnnhe such an otitery about "foreiern inierference." Gov. McDnffie says: "No State has a right to interfere with the instituiitms of another State, not even by dif-cussion;" nnd a large majority of the United States, consider this very sound doctrine when applied to a peculiar institntion." Verily we are a consistent people! - A. S. Standard. The London Times very pertincntly asks: "YVhat wonld Americans say, if associations wcre to be fornied, and public meetings held, in Entrhnd, fnr the liberation of the slaves, whom those talkers aboiit liberty decline to emancípate? What if we were to eend remittances of money lo the American abolitionists? It conclndes by payingr that 'it is time for Lord Aberdeen to look to this.' ;) The President has addressed a letter to Gov. Kin, of Rhode Island, in answer to an application for military nid, assurinor him that stich aid will be promptly rendered in case of an in?iirrection, but he caunot act in any way until a rebelllon ehall actual ly have taken place. The Grand Jury of Pittsburgh, Pa. present drunkenness as a nuisatice( and recommend that it be made an indictable offence.VVhiskey is selling in Cincinnati al ten cents and a half per gallon - dull market ac thnt. One James Smith has been feloniously held to bnil in Boston for feloniotisly kisshjg a lady in his store, TheComrnittee of the New York LeislatUre, to whotn were referred the petitions for the extensión of the Elective Franchise tó colored person?, reported against it, as improper and inpxpedient. TheJudiciary Comrnittee have reported a )ill to suppress licenliousness, which was read wice.


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