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At the commencement of another volume, we are enabled to present our readers with a Iarger sheet; comprisingmuch more reading matter? and embrncing a greater variety of topics. We in. tend to give weekly a complete summary of loreign and Jomeslic intelligence. pricescurrent, &c in addition to the usual amount of anti-slavery news. Our Bank Note Tablc comprises all the Northern States, and mny bp rrliod on for all practical purposes. Our cause in this State 3 making a more rnpd progress than it bas ever done bebre, and the Committee feel confident, that by ninking the Signal of Liberty such a medium of information as is wanted, they shall secure the unanimoup support of the friends of Liberty. tUFWill not all our friends as far as possible. favor us with their advertisiug patronage? Book publishers. Manufacturera, Machimsts, and ail persons wishing to give information of their busim-ss throvgk the St.atc gcne.raUy, will find the Signal as good a medium of cominunication as they can obtuin. In relerence to the pol.tical course of the Sig. nal, we need only to say that it will be a Signil of Liberty. It will advocate the principies oí the Liberty party as heretolore set iorth ia its coiumns. as the paramount rules of action whichshould govern every free man. Ouririends niay icstassured that, it will not be "a whig concern" nor "a loco foco trick," but will oppose loli -..irtied eo far as their principies or acts war against the rights of man. "With this brief e.vposidon of our afiairs and intentions, we announce to our friendo and foes that, for another year, our course will be O.VWARD.


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