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-The Chicago Democrnt insiststhat its party should select, as candidates for office, men of good moral character. The Postmaster General proposes to alter therates cf postage from 6, lfijand 183 cents to 5, 10, and 20 cents - also, after Sept. 30, that newspapers shall pay postage according to the aize of the 6heet. The Texnns have invited General Coombs of Kentucky, to command the American forcee. The New York Legislatura hove exempted from execution for debt? $150 vvorth of honsehold furniture, in addition to foruier exemptions. Fatal Shot. - On Saturday last, at the lake end of the railroaí). a dispute aróse between one John Soñth and James Lucy, in vhich tbe latter was shot in t ie breast with a gun lnaded with slioi. Lucy expired instanily. Smith immedi itely surrendered himselfto the local authorities, alloging thot he had killed Lucy in self-defence. - JY. O. Picayune. The manuscript and copyright of the worka of M. Chateaubriand, have been sold by auction, to M. Defandine de Saint Esprit for 153,000f. The number of electors in France, is 254,700. This gives one elector in 151 m.lividuals, the total population being estimated at 34,000,000. The income of the Pope of Rome is said to be $1,500,000; and the Pricsts subject to his control and ready to do his bidding are about a million. The remains of Che-ki-ka, and his kindred savages, still continue suspended Trom the trees where they, were placed by order of Col. Harney in December, 1341. A scouting party lately on the spot describos the flesh on the bodiea as having completely dried up. Some disturbance having been created in the Indiana. Legislature, a short time Fince, one of the members proposed an order for the doorkeeper to bring in a basket of brick-bats, to aid the Speaker in keeping order. Some air-tight tin canisters, containing boiled French beans, were Jately brought on shore from the wreek of the Royal George. A dish of these vegetable?, on being dressed, was found excellent, though at least fifty-seven years old. JVaval Rendezvous at Bvffulo, N. Y. - Commander Siephen Champlain has been directed, says the Army and Navr Chronicle to open a rendezvouB at Bnffalo, for the enlistnient of eeamen, ordinnry seamen, landsmen and boya, for the Naval service. He has also been authorized to charter a vesáol to bc useti as a receiving vessel. On the lst iast., at Havana, the English squadron of the West India station was hourly expected to arriveand take measures for the rtleftM of lh Engliah lubjecJ ín priion .


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