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The Central Corresponding Committee of State Anti-Slavery Society, at Detroit, some time since issued circulars by mail, post paid) to the several local committees in llie c unties through the State, deiailing an uniform plan ofaction for theensuiug yt nr. Ifony friends have pot received them. they will please to inforrn us uy post, and if any counties have not such local commitlee, will not some frionds send their names for the purpnse) it will cost them nothing but time, the object being merely todisseminate our noüces - election tickets - plan of net ion, &c. We wonld impresa on ihnse who have receivod our circulan, the importance of attending to the suggestions therein. If they will labor faithfully with us, they may feel assnred of the happiest results. Effbrt and action are alone wnnting in a cause, so true, so good, and so noble as Oor prospsets are most encouraging, and we dnily receive proofs of the disappearonce of prejudice, and the ndvance of our cause. The proceedings of Congress, have in themsplves, alarmed Iheir formerly staunchest friends, and the whole commiinity is now awake to and confesses what we long 6ounded in their ears - the danger of slavery as, an institución, to the Union. We no lonirer henr the untlimking objection, "What have we of the North to do with slavery. Every one now feels, that he has lo do with it, and ere long our ballot boxea will demónstrate this feel ing. Friends of the sacred cause of liberty, do not spare effort. Attend, we beg of you, to our circular?, and send us statements of your numbers, doings Sic. We Imve receiyen but one local report, from a valiied friencf in Eaton county, and in repiy, sent to those be numed, ihree copies of the Signal. If we are lo be efficiënt we must work. Above all, support our organ, the Signal, and add to its circulalion. - lts columns well repay perusal, and furnish a cheop, but at the same time, comprehensive synopsis of the domtrs of our cause. For the Committee.'


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