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-Covlmercc, OuJdand Coun.Ity.-T. Sugden writes: "162 voies were can_ YQBsed at our town meeting, 41 of which wcre for liberiy." Wdl done- one quarter of the whole number. The transhion from a quarter to a third is easy, and then you can áak the shvery advocates, as the six persons were asked who voted the liberty ticket in 1840- " Why do you throw away your votes? Vote our ticket, so as to be ■ure and elect somebody. J. G. Farr writes us from Commercc: 'Mos1 of our cn'Ud;ite roccived fifty votes, by being addcd on to oiher tickets. Last fall there were ,even liberty votes given in the nwn: there are bout 200 voters in town. Three tickets were run, viz: Union, Democratie and Liberty. Set u. down for seventy-five Liberty votes this fall. Ma the Lord send deliverance to the poor slave nd srengthen uafor the work." IUda, Hülsdule Couüty.- A friend writes: .-'The result of the town election in Adams is asfbllows: there were 110 votes cast- boih the old parties united agoinst the abolitionistsbut wore not abl to stand againot liberty and equal rights. We .lected our whole ticket, with the exception o jteasurer, one assessor and commissioners o ighways. "The cause of liberty in Adams is advancing: nd we calcúlate to keep the wheels of the spiritual engine moving; uil there is not one lef? amongst us who shall dare to open his mouth to -dvocate the unholy cause ef slavery and oppresion." thwt, Ginestse County.- R. Hazelton writes: "In this town the Whjg and Democratie partieB were so fearful the liberty party would eucceedin electing their ticket, that they concen. trated their forces, not being able tocope with the Liberty party single handed. The liberty vote one year ago was 22- last fall 29- this spring it averaged 54. The candidate for treasurcr recoived 74 votes. Truly this is encouraging." Ge.vesskk. - The same friend writes: '-Thi8 ■town, like that of Flint, had to contehd against the combined efibrts of the oiher two parties.- Tho opponents of the Liberty party used every ef. fori to defeat the liberty ticket, and succeeded by the 6mall majoriiy o i 16 votes.' BíUDGWATER, Wasl t iílfflMJ CoUTlty. TlMOTHY Bancroft writes us, April 18, "In this town we have had but little lecturing on the sul:J2ct of aboJition. In the fall of 1840, one man dared to come' out and give lus vote lor libürty. 1,-u.t fail secen honest freemon stepped forward to help the cause of equal rights. This spring a meeting was cal led, and a nomination made out, and our little band numbered tiomty, and we confvlently expect next fall to have twice that number. We have ; ■ome warm friends in this town, who are i ing their influence in favor oí the blecding cause of human iy."


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