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We cannot learn frora our exchunges that Congress havo transacted any thing important of late. In the Houso, April 13, a discussion arose on an appropriation for a foreign Minister to to Mexico. Mr. Lirin, of N. Y. opposed the appropriation on account of the small commcrciaj importance of that country. He intiniated iha thosc who denied a continuance of lliis mission, did so with a view to the annexation of Texas :0 tliis country. Mr. PiCKENS, of'S. C, Gaid there were politcaj reasona of great weight rcquiring the services o i' a minister. Awards had been triade in favor of our citizens to the amount of $2.000.000, while here was a vast amount of claims yet unliquited. ie could not but ieel pily and contcropt ior that larrow economy and those contracted views tha' would strike at the moát important interests hrough selfish and sectional motives in regard to Texas. Was it possible ror us to look coldly on vhile thosc who are bone of our bone, and flesh o' our flesh, may be trampled under foot by Europc. n violence or Mexican treachery? Ifsaid Mr. P. we have a prospect of settling the question. vehave at issue with the Mexican Governmens and throuoh that ineans bringing about the annex, ntion of Texas to the United States, he for one would boldly avow his belief that it wasaconsuvl. mation divnutly to bc w'ishcd. He did not. howevcr, beüeve sueh io be the object of thj presen', administration. The loan bilí was discussed in the Senate by Messrs. Crittenden, Graham, Walker, King and other8.


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