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Meeting In Commerce

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Walled Lake, April 21, 1842. MjcrBRS. Editors: - Ata meeting of the friends ofeqnal rights and liberiy, held at Coinmerce, Uarch 16. 1842, for the purpose of laking into consideration the propriety of forming a libeity icket to bc supported at our next town meeting. Thomas Sugden was chosen Chairman, and T. !)euel, Secretaiy. W . R. Adanis. G. Sugden, and J. G. Farr. were chosen a committcc to draft resolutions.ex)ressive of the views of the meeting, who raported he iollowing which were adopted. Resolved, That while we as citizens of this grcat republic. in view of the great evils brousht upon our Country by thesystem of American Slavery. deern it our duty as freemen to come out decidedly againat iis continuoncc. Resolved, Thnt we :;re deciJedly opposed to a gag mies and in favor of frce discussion. Resolved, That we view wiih approbstion the course pursued by the distinguished Representative of Massachusetts, in Congress, nnd those who , acted with him, as supporting the righis of a free ! people to petition their servante in Consrress as! sembled. Resolved, That we view with disapprobation the course pursued by Southern members ol Cun gress and their Northern abettors in rejecting our petitions. and trampling on our rights, bought by the blood ofour forefathers. Resolved. That we as freemen, in view of the course pursued by the great poiitical parties of the day, can no longer give them our support, but as honest ciiizens. feel it our duty to organize immedintely a politicnl party and mak e separate and independent nominotions. and support tliem by all honorable means, provided the persons in nomination be qualified to iill the offices for which they mny be nominated with honor to themselves and the public. Resolved. That wa heartily approve of the demecacy of Thomai Jefferson, and the framers of , our Constitution, nnd mean to niake that democ racy the rule ofour conduct. T. Deuel. T. Sugden, and A. T. Crosman : were appointed a town corresponcing committee. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting besigned by the chairman and secretary, and forwarded to the Signal of Liberty for nublicition.


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