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THE Subscriber proposes to publish a periodical with the above title, devoted to the lUvesiigatiou bf Human Physiology, Fhrenoiogt. Phvsioosomy, Pathoojumy, and Astkovomical, and Human Magnv.tisu. Having made these eubjects mattPis of senous and patiënt invcsiigation for faome time pnst, and considerini? tlie increasing attention which haslately been given to them by the learned, both in this country and in Europe, it is beheved that euch a periódica! is called lor, and that it wil! meet with lilleral encouragement froni the lovers of science, in this and other countries. One object of iliis work will be to exrite ond enccurage a spirit of inquiry. and to assist in such invcstigation8 as may tend to settlc the followinjí, amons oiher similar questions. I. Thnt every living being possesses a Mognetcal N;iturc. whieh is governed by laws peculiar to Magnetical forcee. 2. Tiiat the two Magnetic forces are themeans of sensuion. and also, of voluntary and involuntary motion. 3. That every Mental and Physical organ. and every niuacle, has its corresponding Magnetic poles. 4. That the Magnetic forces from the different orguns terminate in the face and neck, and by means ofthum the various expressions of Fear, Hope, Love, Anger, etc, are expressed in the countennnce. and the muscles andlimbBare made 'o obey the human will. thue laying the only true & rational foundation for the science of Physiognomy. and showing how it is, that the passio:)- and leelings are expressed in the features of the face. 5. Thatthese organs and their consecutive poles may be excited, separately, and their acuon modified as the condition of the patiënt may require. 6. That the Phrenological organs nre notonly located in groups, corresponding with the nature of their action. but most, i f not all of them exist in doublé pairs, and, one or more in triple or quadruple pairs! For instance, there are two pairs of Individuality, one taking cognizance of things and the other of persons; - two of Eventuality, one pai1 takingcognizance of recent and the other of ancient events; two of Comparison, one pair ior ideas, and tbo other for things; two of Benevolence. one forgiving, and the other for pity; two of' Veneration. one for the Deily. and the other for man; two of Firmness, one rolating to conscientiousness, ana the other for perseverance, etc, two of Self Esteem, one for the Hvman Will and self-government, and the other for the government of o;hers - two pairs for Fear,two for Masic, two for Place; and so of the organs of Conscientiousness, Belief, Amaiivgness. Love of Approb"tio:i, Secretivenes8, Aciüis ilvencss, cic. c-. And! believe there are, at least, three pnirs for language, one for mere words, connected by the Magnetic poles with Marvelousness, and giving a peison the disposition to talk; one for proper nemes; and the other connectod by the Magnetic poles with Ideality. and Weiglü, for the comtnui.ication of ideas and inielligence, and giviiig weightand expression to the sentences. I am fully satisfied of the exiftence and location of the following organs, among others: viz: Joy, Gratitude, Patriotism,' Jealousy. Mod-siy. Aversión. Discontentincnt. Smeli, Taste. Pity. Regularity. Cheerfulness.Wceping. Conientment'. Method, Retribution. Wit, as distiiiL;uished froiri Mirthlulncss; Melody as distinguished from Harmony, etc etc.7. Thattlie Magnetic forces, from the diffcr;nt organs, have a peculiar connection wtrh each )ther, by means of whieh they influence and ex:ite each other to united action. That the poles in the face are loeated incoreeponce with the different groupa of Phrenologi:al organs. 9. That the iunctions of some of the orcons ire in opposition to each other. As. for instance. ne organ is for Joy, anotlier for Sadncps; onefor ;.ove, another for Avorsion; one for Seli-Go,-ernment, another for Su!)niissiuo; one for Forjiveness, another for Retributic-n; one for Paience, another for Complnining; one for Courige, another ior physical Fenr; onefur ConfMence h man. another for sus mei on or Jealuusy. This liscovery gives the true suluifion of variousshades n the characters of different individuáis vh'ch inve never been éxplained, cither b Phrenolurists or in any system of Mental science. heretoore offercd 10 the world. And mysteries of a limilir kind are further explained by other organs. hich I have found, in connection with the ahove. naking the numher upwards of one hundied in ill, besides the poles of the nerves of motion and ensation, ;.nd the poles of the diffeient muscles, ind physical organs. 10 And itis a remarkable fact. that one pair of t'.ie organ8, (the fntellectual and Dcvouonnl ones, jspecnlly,) are more elev'ótcd and refined in their jxercist-s thnn the qtners. Tlius. I find. that the lower org.ins of Comparison take cognizanee of tfriiigs, the upper one3 compare iJeas: the lowcr :rgans of Causaity are exercised on thing'j-.thj upper on Metaphysical snbjects. etc. l'iio subscriber visbeen engaged for some time. in a course of magnetic cerebrnl experimenis. the results of which go very far. as he believes. towards demonstratiriir these asc-umptions. and il tiuy should prove to b3 true, all must adrnit that they are immensely important, ns much so as any riiscoverics ever made illustrating the Physical or Mental natures of man. The matter will be illustrated with numerous engnvines. some of which are now rendy for use. the whole randering the work ono of su -passing interest, and every way vvorthy of patronage from the curious and scientific, who wisli toundcrstand the mysteries of hnman nature. Theplates will be of special interest, inasmuch as they will not only explain many magnetic phenonena hiihertoo unknown. or not undorstood but one or more, will be given designuting Ihoscfcaturcs in the human f are,, wkere the magvc'ic cp.urscs ii-.rminaUfrom the different physical and organs, a thing nevcr before known; and thus wilt be peen, the only true cxplanation of Physlognomy ever üivcn to the world. ín a word. the work shall be filled with new and valuaMe tnntt?r, on every q ir.ii :. sc'.o'ing o fiiu I'hij&rof, Mental, ani Magnetic Nttttircs of Man; cxplainivg the phenomena of Sleepwaking, Somnatnlttlism. Monormvia, InsauiVj, Mndncss, Drea?ning and Fanatiiism, tho whole designed to exhibit the claims of these subjects en the at tention of the candid, and to assist them in ascertaining how far magnetisni has been, or may be used, as a medicinal agent. In furnishing articles for its pages, the subscriber expects the assitancc of medical and scientific gentlemen, of the higheet rcpectability in their profession. The Magnet will be published once a month; each numbercontaing twenty-fourauper-royalSvo. pages, with a printed cover. Term8. $2,00 per year, invarjably in advancc. It will, in no case, be forwarded till the pay forit has been reccived. The first number will be Ï8sned as soon as five hundred subscribers ajiall have been obtained. [CFAny person procuring subscribers, will be allowed to retain the pay for the founh, provided the balance bc forwarded to the publisher, froc of expense. ## Every editor who shall give this Prospectus (incliidibg this paragraph) six insertior.-;. sb?! receive the Magnet, withontan exchange, lor ce year, provided the papers containing this notice e forwarded, mnrked, to "The Magnet, 139 Fultcn sircet, New York City." LA ROY SUNDERLAND.


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