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Horse Power And Threshing Machines

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THE undersigned would inform the public that they continuo to manufacture Hohse PownRsnnd Thkesuing Machines, two and a bnlf mies from the village of Ann Arbor.. on the railond. The Hoi se Power is a Inte inven tion by S. W. Foster, and is decidedly superior to any otber ever oflered to the public, aa will nppear by the statements of those wlio have used thein during tho lust year. It is light in weight and email in compasa, being carried together with ihe Thresher, in a comnion waggon box, and drawn with ease by two horses. Jt isas litilc ljable to break, or get out of repair, as any otlier Horse Power, and will work as easy and thrash as much with four horses a ttached to it as any other power with fivi horses, as will appear from the recommendations below. New patterns have been made ibr the cast Iron, anü addiiional weight and sirength applied wherever it had appeared to be necessary from one year'suse of the machine. The subscribers doem it proper to state, that a numbcr of horse powers were sold last year in the village of Ann Arbor which were believcd by the purchascrs to be those invented by S. W. Foster, and that most or all of theni were either mnde ïhaóiiially different, or altered belbre sold, so as to be mau-rially different from those made and sold by theubscribers. Such alterations being decidedly detn menta', to the utiüty of the machine. They havo good reason to believe that every one of those returned by the purchasers as unsatisfactory wero of this class. They are not aware that any Power that went from their shop, and was put in use, as they made it, has been condemned or laid asideas a bad machine. All who wish t buy are invited to examine them and to enquire of those who have used them. - There will be one tbr examination at N. H.Wing's, Dcxier villagc; and one at Martin Wili.son's stoTchouse in Dct'oit, - both these gentlemen being agents for the snle of them. The price will be $120 for a four horse power, with a threshing machine, with a stave or wooden bar cylinder; and $130 fora horse power with a threshing machine wilh an iron bar cylinder. The attention of the reader is invited to the following recommendations. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio. April 20, 1842. REC OMMEN DA TIONS. This is to certify that wa have used one of S. W. Foster's newly invented Horse Powers for (bout five months. and threshed with it about 3300 bushels, and believe it is constructed on better principies than any other Horse Power. - Une of the undersigned has owned and usedeigh different kinds of Horse Powers,and we believe tha four horses will thrash as much with this Power as five will with any olher power with which we are acquainted. H. CASE, S. G. [VLS. Scio, January, 12, 1S42. This is to inform the public that I have purchas cd, and have now in use, one of the Horse Pow ers recently invented by S W Foster, made by S. W. Foster, &Co., and believe itbe construct ed upon better principies, and requires less strengt of horses than any other power with which I am acquainted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clemen3, Sept. 8, 1841. This is to iuform the pnbüc that I have purchased one of the Horse Powers, recently invented b S. W. Foster, and us d it for a number of months. and believe it is the best power in use, workine with less strength of horses than any other powei with which I am acquainted, and being sniali in compass. is easily inoved from one place te another. I believe 4 horses will thresii as mud. with this p'ower as 5 will with any other power The plan and the working of this power havi been universally approvod of by furmers for whon; I have thrashed. E. S. SMITH. Scio. April 11, 1842. The siibscnbers inakevery good SAilJT MACHINES which they will sell for $60. This machine was invented by one of the subscribers. who has had mony ycar's experiencein the miilin business. We invite those who wish lo buy p good machine for n fair price to buy of ns. Jt if worth as mu?h as most of tlu machines that cos from ] 50 to $300. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio. April, 18, 1842. Woollen Manufactory. The subscribers have rcccniJy put in operation a woollen manufactory for manufactunng woollen cloth by power looms, two ancí a half miles west from Ann Arbor village. on the raiïoad, wheie they wish to manufacture wool into cloth on shnres, or (or pny by the yard, on reasonabkterni8. They huve employed exnerienced woikmen and feel confiriera that work will be well done. They therefore respectt'ully nsk a share of public patronage, especiaily from those who are in favor of noMiï industry. Wool rhay be left at Scio village. S. W. FOSTER &. Co. Scio, April IS. 1842.


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