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[The Caslutand Gentleman' s UniUd.] A ncw volume under the above title, of the well cstablished and Fashonable Magazine. The 'uiladelpiua Casket in conjunction with the Genlenian's Magazine, which has been every wbére jronounced to be the most readable and popuia of the day, wil! be opened on the first day ol Janjary, 1842. wiihan array of contributors secureci y the union of talent, of fame, which no periodcal in the country can boast or pr.Mend to revilc. The December nuniber will hovvever, beaepecinen of the new volume. The volume will be ipened with a new and beautnul type, ihe finestwhite naper, and with the first of a series of embellishments unsurpassed by any which havo yet appeared in any Magazine. The stylo of elegance he beauty and finish ot these illustrations, and the evtensive iniprovements which will be made in its yporaphical appcarancc, and above all the tone ol ts literary department, by the brilliant array of coniributors, whose articles have enriched the pajes of each number, will give it a character, second to no Magazine in the Union. The character of the articles which ehall appear in its pages, will be equally renxved irom a sickly sentinentality, and irom an effectation of moralitv,bui whilea tiuedelineatiorf of human nature in every varieiy ol passion ia aimed at, nothing shall be bund in its pages to cause a bíushupon the cheek of the most pure. The Literary Character will be 8ufFiciently guaranteed by the reputation of both Magazines thus united. i'or years past. VVriters of the firsi rank have boen regular contributors to their pages, and the tales and sketches published in thum tiave been widely copied and read, and the firm and independent tone of the criticisms, upon the currcntliterature of the day has been every where approved and com tiende, The list of Contributors embraces the name of most of the principal writers in America, with a respectable number of English authors. In addition, the dietinguished services of a hosi of anonymous writers of no wdinary abilit'es have gi ven worth , and character to the Pflges the Magazines. The series of well known nautical papers entitled " Cruising in the Last War." have had a run, unequaled by any series published in any Magazine, fbr yeare. The author promises to open the first of a new eerie& of " Tales oí the Sea," and from his known abiliiies as a depicter of sea scènes and life, much may be relied upon from him in maintaining the popularity ot the Magazine. Papers may be e.xpected during the volameaiso from the auihorof the well known articles entitled '; The Log of Old Ironsides." - The author of ' Syrian Letters,', will also lend Lis powerful and graceful pen to sustain and increase the reputation of the work. The valuable aid of the author of 'Leaves from a Lawyers Port Folio' Las alsübeen secured - and wc may expecc soiiiething still more thrilling from the spacious stores which a long life in the profession has enabled him to amass. Anoccasional Chit-Chat with 'Jeremy Short' and ' Oliver Oldfellow' is also promised with a variety of choice articles in prose and verse, from various writers of celebrity, as contributora to the prominent Magazines of the country. The Editors of both Magazines continue their services under the new arrangement. tVilh such au array of talent, a Magazine ofunrivalled attractions. may safely be promised the coming volume. FASHIOiNS AND ENGRAV1NGS. In compliance with thé ahnost unanimous v.-isli of our lady subscribers, wc shall. the ensuing volume, f'urnish thotn with a beamiful and corred plate of Foshions, Monthiy, a feature, it is believad, thatwill neitherbe unwelcome nor unpopular. These iashion platea shall be drawn from origina designs from Paris and London, and tnay alwayi be depended upon as the prevailing style in jfliiladelphia and Ncw Yoik i'or the month in wliici they are issued. These howcver, shall in no wis( interfere with the regular and choice engravingi and music which accompany each number of th work. The splendid Mezzotin t engravings fron tlie burin of Sartnin, which have been so justlj sdmired, will bc followed during the volume h} ■ several Irom the same hand, while the steel engra ' vings in the best style of art from interestinf ice.-ies shall still enrich the Magazine. The choi rc-t pteces of music for the Piano and Guitar shal iipr-rtninftnv pnli nnmhpr nt' ihö urrrzTIMK OF PUBLICACIÓN. The work wíil be publishcd on the first of the ïionth in every quarter of the Unioh. The most ■listant subscriber will consequently rr.ceive it on that day, as wel! as thoae wiio reside in Philadelp!iia. In all the principal cities. agents have been estnblished. to whom the Magazine is forwarded. prior to the time of issuing it, so that they may be delivered to resident subscribers by the h'rst oi the nionih. This is an important arrangement to distant subecribers, who become tired. importúnate and eventually discontinue many works, in consequence of the great delay by publishers. TERMS - Thrce Dollars per annum. or two copies yearly for five dollars, invariably in advance. post paid. No new subsciber received without the nioney, or the name of a responsible agent. For tbe accomrnodation of thosc who may wish to subscribo for either ot the foilowing Philadclpliiuijuiioüicnis, ihts LIBERAL ?ROPOSxVL is made. Five dollars current money free of postage, we wül l'orwartl Graham's Magazine, and Godcy's Lady's Book forone year. Addresspost paid. GEO.R. GRAFIAM, South west corner of Chestnut and Third Street Philadelphia.


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