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The New York Watchman

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jjevoica 10 me micresis ot riotestain Christianity, Literature, Science, Education, the Arts, Agricukure, the moral enterpriëes of the age, and to the diffueion of general intelügence. "Knowledge is the light of heaven; free, pure, pleasunr, exhaustless. It in' vites all to possession: it admits of no preemplion, no rjnrhts exolnvivo. n. monopoly" For six years, Ihis paper has been gcining1 in the confidence of the public. lts character as an independent, literary and religious jour nal, is novv fully establif=hed,as is evident frorn its circdaüon nmoug all classes of the com munitv. Thnso who desirc AGOOD FAMILY NEWSPAPER, Freefrom the features of sectnriDnism, which are so offensive to the spirit of Christianity- a paper vvliich admits suitable arlicles on all snhjects upon which the comuiunily nced to bc informeu - a pnper oppn, especially to the clnims of EuiFeriDg luunanity, miy be assured that ro efForts will be spared to render this acceptable and worthy of their It has a large nnmber of able ond intelligent cor íespondentF, vvhose cotnnmnic.itns v.ill en rich its columns from time to L'imc, on natural and revealed tlieolngy, revivals, missions, human rights, temperance education, sahbath and ommon school--, moral reform, liealth agricullure, goology, physiology, nauiml and mental philosophy, music, reviev.s of book?, Sic. ín a word, it oceupies a field of useiulnesf, not appropriated by any other jeriodical in thif or in any other country. The sevenrh Volume commenced January lst 182. The price is only two dollars a yeir. in advnnce: and this is sufficiently low tx4)ut it within the reach of all. , Render. yóu have a persfnal intrrest in the New York Wntchman! For, he who lias a lieaitto know liis uhole ilnty whose pocl thirsts for informaiion on all those subjects i most dinctly connected with man's highest happiness, will find assislance in the columna ', of this paper. The VVatchman is published every Saturday, 126, Fulton street, New York, where subsoriptions are respfctfully soliciled. December,. 25. 1). 1841. S6tf.


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