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Liberty Meeting In Oakland County

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At a convention of the Abolitionistsof Oakland county, convened at Ponüac on the 15th. of Mnrch, it vvas Resolved, That a cnmmittee of tliree ue appointed to make arrangements and procure speakers for n General County Meeting, to be held at sotne future penod not far distant, time and place lo be designated by said commiitee, The commiitee haveeubsrqnently correspi nded with ind engaged the fol'.owing speakers, Gxiy Bei klev of Ann Arbor, Chales H. STKWART of JUetroii, and Jambo G. JOinrsKV o Snginaw. and one or two of our colored bretliren of Detroit if they can be obtaincd, to address a general meeting on the subject of Amercan Slavery, itsenls and tljp mcasvi'cs to be pursued to rid our country of the fbul blot on the National escuteheon, to be huiden at Pon'inc on the first day o" June rext, at ten o'clock A. M. Thccommittee are confident thej need only announce tlie naines of the ibovo persons to ensure a full and general attendnnce from all parts of the county, ond also some from the adjacent countie?. Tlie ladies are also respect'ully invited to favor the meel ing with their atlendance, for the cause of benevolonce and }hilatithropy cnn never be fully accomplished without their aid and co-operaion. It is proposed that if any one present should wish to reply at the close of a speeoh, or make any interrogaron of the several speakers, that such opportunity wil] be graníed, nnd if one day shall not be enough, wo trut Heaven has more in store to be spent in the righteous cause br which we meet. Come then all, come very one,and aesist in redeemingour fallen country from its present degraded cnndiiion.


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