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Sevcral State Liberty Conventions have recommended a National Convenüon. to be held tsome Central place in August or September. - The object of such a meeting is defined by the Western Frecman 'o be "freeconsuluuion, upon he great qucslions, of security, in the njoyment of our rightö, and upon those measires of national policy, which are indispensable 0 the prosperity cfthe American psople." lt vill be observed that it is to be caüed to consult pon "personal security" and "our righis," and econdly, upon "mensures ol national poüey, " )niprising. no doubt, a protective Torifl, Naiion1 Bank, or Fiscality of somc kind, Land Disin)uüon, and as many other topics of discussion as ie several mem )ere miglit "conceive to be "inispcrisahle, to Nationnl prosperity." The Peole's Advocate, of Kew Hampshire. supports the al!, because '-the Liberty Party must take some osition upon the questions that now agítate the ïation." In relerence to this propoeed Convention,, wesáy that a meeting of the frionds of Liberty ('rom nll parts of the country, to clise iss tbe principies of Aboütion nnd Equnl Rights, nnd tlic measures, whether política! or by moral euasion, necessary to be adopted to secure their universal prevalcnce, would probably be attended with the most salutary resulta. Such hns unifonnly boen the case hiihcrto. Such a Convention, if called or generally, we should approve, and should Le lappy, if possible, to particípate in its deliberations. Bul it appears that tlic principnl object of those who may with fora JVatir nal Convention, is to cörnmit the Liberty Party, dèfmiiely nnd permancntly, in favor of some of the financi.-d projects we have mentioned, and consequent against oth' ers. It is wished to discuss (hem, and consult ipon tlium. and this discussion and consultation wil] of-course be valuable only as the antecedent of action, Suppose the Convention held, nnd sotne threc or five hundred members present from all the (ree States. Wij] thcy be able, in two or three day's time, to decide upon questions that have puzzlcd the wisest for halfa century? Will they. in a few hours, be able to agree upon a plan for a National Kank. with which all the Libberty voters of .he country will be satisfied? They will go to the Convention with a gréat diversicy of views on topics of national policy - some have been strong Whigs, and some zealous Democrats - and can it be exp?c!ed that a brief conveisation with each other will eradicate tlio views they have cherishod for life? And unless they can be unanininus, what wül be the benefit of attending? Bui suppese they should agree that the Liberty Party ought to be in favor of a protective Tariff. or á National Bank, or against these measures. What would be the resuh? Obviously. these quotions would become tuk questions. on which Liberty voters would act and vote, and Hberty principies become of secondnry iniportance, and thus we should fall precisely into thb tracks of the political parties that have preceded is. The truth is, these are and must bc, minor questions with us, until the tremendpus slavk powkr that governs our country shnll be overthrown. And how shall this ever be nccomplished, unless we are united? The other poli lical pariies are aware of the only rock on which we are in danger of splitting, and they are sceking to drive us on to it. Tj.ey hold oiit these questions of policy, and urge us to take sides with them. well knowiner, that whicbevei side wemay choose, our desiruction wiJ! becertain We nre invulnerable in every other point. Who underiakos to deny the corrcctness of our principies? They are undeniable, and the politica! parties are well aware that (EfVhile we hold on to tïiem.' wiihom any collateral issue, wc shall go or from strength to strength. ond from conquerng 10 conquer.,] Already the South tremoles, ns she hears, from day o day, the piogress of free principies in the North. Already, in several States, the avwved advocates for Liberty principies begin to take seals in the Legislatures. and the town elcctions boar witness that our course is to be steadily onward. Is this a time to throwour noble principies i nto the back ground. and "make to ourselvcs gods like unto the Phiüstincs"? Wd dissent, then, from a proposiüor, for a National Conveniion to consult upon qiestions of national polic}r, vith a view to their adiption or rejeclion by the Liberty party. To adopt any of them as circumstances now are, wil', be in tbc longuage of William Goodell, to hitch jur ear to the slate power locomolive. Vve niay make progress indeed, and rapid progress, kut it will be proaress nicay from our principies, and we s'.iall ultimately be compelledto unhitch,aid return to the place wlicnce we started.KTOn the first page will be fuind a few thoughts on the. anti-slavery cause frni S. B. Tkeadwell. Read them! QZTAIso, a email portion of the resc'vcs of an Irish meeting at Dearborn. A viler p-ogeny of sentiments never carne from an Irishtmn's head or heart, It is a great pity that those vvlio passod the resolutions cnnnt be made to iy the actual happiness oí slavery in person. Even ac cording to their own position, that "eating, drinking, lodgingand clolhingconstitutethe surest critcnon of determining the comparative hapsinesL of the masses at large," (and vhat a conception of liappiness is this!) we apprshend they would esrape from such a state of felici;y with all possible speed. Is therc any thing enviable in the condition of slavcs in these respects? - Those who can conceive of nö gieaier happiness than these animal enjoyments afford; or who think the greatest amount of felicity which the masses of civilized men can possess, demónstrate a degree of mental degradniion which rendéis them unworthy of the blessings of liherty, and points them out as the most fitting matorials to be held as property in man. We regret that Michigan should contain citiizens entertaiaing the sentiments enibraced in these resolutions, and especially that they should be so lost to all sense of decent respect for the principies óf liberty as unblushingly to promúlgate them. Those who entertain them '-md better go to the South." They are slaveholders in heart and feeling, and among the Southern menstealers they might find a kindred community of feeiing, which. as we hope, will not be found among us. The working men of Michigan,should shun the promulgators ofsuch doctrines as rhcy vvoüld the pestilence. They are io beregardcd as t'ic p oor vmu's curse! Slavery, tlicysny, is nccording to the law of nnture, the Declarador) of Independenco, and aecordiníí to the Oíd and New Testanients! If such sentimentsare to bccome current in the free States without rebalse, we shall begin to think Gov. McDnifie wns not far from rpht in prophesying the establishment of slavery all over the Union iri twenty-five years. In Michigan, it appears we have men ready to become masiers, on Scripfural grounds too, and how convenient it will be to enslave the poor white men of this State, for thtir oten good --the poor hard working Irishmen for instance! The color makes no diOerence. The Bible suys nothing about black slaves. In those times, the slaves wcro nearly all white. And then. tfthey are only "well fed. well ciad, wcll clothed, well lioused, and not overiasked," how happy the working men of Micliigan will be! Their contentmcnt will be "proverbia!."


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