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- The most flagrant case1of the denial of the rightof peiition, under the 2lst Rule, has just occuncl. Dr. Channing,of Bosion, and 4:5 üthers, petitioned for such a modificution of the present act of Corigrèss, as to all')w a jury trial before iha surrcnder of a fugitivo slave.. This is a violaiion of right under every view in wliich the case can be considered. The irayerof the petitiou is witliin the power of con(fresa io gram, for it was to modify one ofils own 'iwa. The petition must have boen rcspoctful, tr it en me gentlemen who never use any ithur language. ! Dr. Channijïg is second to no dergyman in the United Stui;s. for abihty. learning.peiy,and devotion to liis country. [Je is inferior tono meinber of Congress.euhcrin standing, ■eputation or talent. It is a mosl flagrant case, nid eucli as is every day widening the breach between the North and the South. We cut the abcve from the Advertiser. We re pleased to find it ppeaking out, as usuil, ia ivor of the right of peiition. But in what does ie ':flagrancy'; of this particular instance consistí Vhy was it any more flagrant to refuse to receive he petilion of Dr. Channing, and 43 others of 3oston. than to refuse, to receive the petition of Vmasa Gillet ond 50 others of Washtenaw? But a issaid that Dr C is able, lenrned. pious, patriotic, of hih standing and, character. What of that? Is. a inan's right to be heard, or the obligation of Oongrcss to hear, to be measured by his lenrning. piety, or standing in ihe community? Certaiuly not. -The right of petition is cqua! and common to all. By the way. we should üke to inq'iire whethe.r our Senators in Congrera can ever be induced to open their mouilis in favor of the right of petition. There it a standing Gag rule in the Senate, againat wliich they have hitherto said not a word. Ia their silence tobe eternal? We vfill be the first, in a frank and liberaï manner to award them a due measure of commendntion. We are not of those who would for bid others casting out devils, because they follow not as. But we in common with a large portion of their constituent?, consider them now, ia inany respects, uwfaithful io the intcrests intrusicd to Ihzm. EPCan not we have a delegation in Congress t!mt wil! st,k for their constiruents?


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