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The men whose conduct ïuflicts the deepest wound on the charactcr of congress, affect a peculiar interest in its reputation. In a recent debate on {he Approprintii-n bil!, Mr. Wise said, nevor since he h;td held a seat here had it been so inefficiënt a body aa it was at this moment. The deterioraron had been constant, as well in the despatcb of business, as in tne manner and matter of its debates." Was Mr. Wise stiddenly conscience-smitten? Be this so or not, he was smitten by a fellow niember to some purpose. Mr. Spngg of Kentucky. who folio wed him, remarked, "The gentleman had said, this House had been deteriorating ever tince he had been in it, and fiignified sornething abont leaving it. He hoped the gentleman would do so; thcn perhaps the H use would grow better. God knew there was no one man in it, whose ab?ence would so highly improve it." The House roared with Ir.ughter. Mr. Bottsis anotlier member, who is penetraled with a deep regard for thfl rhar..oici of congress. Ir nffoota liis sensibilities migntily, to have one set of memhers calied o verseen?, and nnother wlaves. In the course of some remirks on a point connecled with the case of Giddings, he said, "Ifit was not due to the northern men that they ehould protect their owii dignity, and character, he held it due to the members of the South: and he was about to move, pointing to one of the reporters, for the expulsión of that man, who held a seat bv couney in this Houso, and employed himseli indefaming it, and characterising one portion of the Houseas dough faces and auoiher another as slaves - he alluded to the editor of the Emancipator and Free American." We have often noticed that they are most chary of their dignity and characler, who have least of either commodity to lose. Joshua Leavilt draws 10 the life. The ill humor of Mr. Overseer Botts pa sceing his own portrait only proves, not that Leavitt is bad at


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