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One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars Wanted To Buy A Wife And ...

One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars Wanted To Buy A Wife And ... image
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AUinmj, Mondmj Mornmg, Mayist, b2. % W. Goomvis-, Es:.- Dear Sir:- There r.rrived in this city fröra Washington; D. C. during ihc last week, a man by the name of 1'"kkkMF..V. a cnrpenier by trade. lic has letters from gentïwnen of high standing ahd respectability, in Washington, and nlsofrom gentlemen in Charleston, y. C. Il e has formerly been a slave of the Hon. Mr. Badper, late Sccretary of the U. S. Wny, from whöm he purchased hiivself ior $800. The said Secretary, now holds m bondage Kis wife and stx chüdren; and uiteily refnses to give them up unless the husband and father wi 11 pay him the sum of $1.800, ard has pronvsed to rotain theni ninc momhs, to givc the iathcr an opportunity of purchasing them at the espiraiion of that time-; otherwise licy are to bc sold, and porhaps separated. nevei more to meet on earth. Mr. Freumen wishes to obtnin in tbis and iidjoining places, the 6iim of $'ii00, wh:ch with, what he hns now in his possession will enahle him to obtain from tbö't Hóvor'aMe American Robber, that which now jastly belongs to hiiu. - He is willing to work for a number of years, for :my person wlio will furnish him mefins to thus blcss his family. Those who love to aid the perishing. are respectfully invited to send donaiions to the subscribcr. No. 8, Somli-Pearl-et, Yours, in haste. ABEL BROVVN. TheaLovc was furnishcd by friend Bro'.vn jnst as he was going to ISew York. rJ'lic colored person mentioned. we have since seen but for a moment, and have had no time to inquiie in:o his case. It would scem. howeve'r, that excellent opportunity is now afforded, for those who are perpetually opposing the abolitionists. and crying out "make remuneration mul then we will join with yon." Now those persons may enjey the feast of soul afi'orded them, oí pouring their money iuto the lap of this great oppre?por, to induce him to let a man have his oicn w'ie and child ren ! ! - Tocsin.


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