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A Sanscrainte Timeline

A Sanscrainte Timeline  image
Kevin Lajiness
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The following unedited timeline gives more clues regarding Sanscrainte’s possible connections to what would later be known as Ypsilanti
[All notations and parenthetical comments are attributed to the author]

Jean Baptiste Romain Dit Sanscrainte b: May 16, in Montreal, Canada

Married: 25 FEB in Montréal, QC Suzanne-Amable DENIAU

Jean Baptiste Romain dit Sanscrainte b. probably Laprairie

January 7, JEAN ROMAIN DIT SANSCRAINTE witnesses the mutual consent of the nuptial benediction to michel Boier and to josette marguerite de lignon at michilimakinak

October 9 Jacque (one source says female) Sans Crainte born to Jean Baptiste Sans Crainte and Indian slave michilimakinak

jean romain dit Sanscrainte witnesses, the mutual consent of pierre duprés and of marie joseph carignan at michilimakinak July 18,

Jean Baptiste Sanscrainte (John Soncrant) came from Quebec (this would have been the father the son would have only been 11 years old and the date may be right for when he set up the post but he was in Michilimackinac as early as 1760 and up to 1795 as noted by Greenville treaty notes –Kevin Lajiness) and settled on the north bank of the Huron river (Detroit Area) at present day West Jefferson. He sold this property to Gabriel Godfroy in 1796- Rockwood, The Huron River, Patricia Quick, Rockwood Area Historical Society

Margaret Solo m. Jean Baptiste 7 Romain dit Sanscrainte, bap 24 Dec 1754 Montréal PQ; ma 13 Oct Detroit MI

Serjeant Sanscrainte, whose father (who had come with Clarke from the Ilinois) at that instant stepping up raised the muzzle and obtained his son’s life by applying to Colol. Clarke

Jean Baptiste Romain dit Sanscrainte was deeded land on Rivire-au-Loutre (Otter Creek) in by the Potawatomies

15, May Deed from Potawatomie for land on the River Raisin; signed by 5 Indians with totems; witnessed by J. B. Sanscrainte and Francois Navarre. From Labadie Family Papers. (This is attributed to both Jean Baptiste Sanscrainte 1749-1822 [I question these dates] and Jean Baptiste Romain dit Sanscrainte b.1754)

Explorer Hugh Heward’s journal describes a trading post, operated by Jean Baptiste Sanscriante, in near the Potawatomi settlement

Moravian indians

(Nov 9 1810 –fifteen years ago) the late surveyor, McNiff came up the Huron with Sanscrainte the interpreter to survey land by order of John Askins

No prisoners remain in our hands in the neighborhood of Michilimackinac. Those two Frenchmen present (Messieurs Sans Crainte and Pepin,) can witness to the truth of this assertion “ (Indian to general Wayne)

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