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NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. JUST reccived and receiving at the New York Chinp Store, purchased at the present low prices in New York, whicli will enable him to ell lower thnn ever before ofiered in dus place, a large 1 t of ÍVench, English and American GOODS. consisting of Dry Goods, Croekery Booka and Stutionary, Buotsand Shoes, Looking Alao. a Inrge lot of Yankee Nolions. wholesalc and retail D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arbor. May lí, I342. 8w WO O C&Ml&IJYG. THE Subscribers are prepnred to eard Wool lor customers; having fi st rate niachines.and Inving employed an experienced workinan, tliey 'eei confident of giving cood eatisiaction to all ivho will favor them wah their custonrt. Tlieir nantifactory is !wo anct a hdh" miles west of Ann Arbor on the Huron. S. W. FOSTER. tCo. Sc:o, Mayllih, 1842.FASIIIONABLE ïïafs, Caps. & Bofcncts, AGOOD nssurfinent at thè New York Clieap Storp by D. D. WATERMAN. TO PHYSICIANS AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. THE snbscriíer invites tbeattentipn oí Phy ricinns and Country Merchants, to hi. present stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paintt, üils, Dye Stufts, Viirnish, Bruéhes, &.c. &c. coniprising one of the hirgest and fiillest assortinents brmi(T)t 'o the country. In his present stock wi] be found: 100 oz Stilph. Q,uinine, superior Frenen and L0 oz. Snlphi Morpliia, 10 oz. Acct. do 00 iz. Carpenter's Witherill's Extract of Bark, 1 bbl. Poivdered Rhtibarb 1 Chest ílhubarb Root, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbt- Calnmel, 3 cascs Epsoni Salts, 15 ensks Fall and Winter strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Spprm Cnndles, 2000 ibs. White Lead, dry and grnund, 4 cn.-ks Linsced Oil, Dentista ïnstniments and Stock Gold, Silvcr nnd Tin Foil Platina IVare, Por cela in Teeth. A general a-sortment of Patent Medicine?, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable term3. PIERRE TELLER. lStf Jenèrson Avenue, feign of the Gilt Mnrch 13. Mortar, Detroit. JIl, LU.ND is now recciving direct from Bosion and New York. ü large nntl well s'ilected stock of Mcicliundize, con?sting of STAPLE ANÜ F ANC Y DRY GOQOS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, $ GLASSWARE, DRUGS # MEDICINES, NAILS, ORADLE AND GRASS SCYTHES, EOOTS AND SU O ES. SfC SfC. which hc offers for Bale cheap for the ready. Ddtnd, Ann ArLor. May 9r 1842.ESTÁTE OF JACOB LAWTON DECKASED.- 'Noiice is bereby givon, thot tiie un.iersigned have provcd the last will anci testament o! Jacob Lawton, deceased, nnd liave taken letters Testamentary tbereon. and have given DOnde aceording to law. All persons irdebtcd to said estáte are requestcd to make payment without dolay. and all persons havi-ng claims agajnst said estáte are requested to present the saínelo the subscribers, well' authenticated, for paymcnt. GEORGE E. LAWTON. DAViü T. M'COLLÜM', Executors of the last will and Testament of Jacob Lawton. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1842. 3m A BARGAIN FOR LAND MOLDKRS TF1E subscriber is desirous of exclianging }or good Wild Land, well located. his properi.y. símate in the village of Walled Lrke. Oakland Couniy. Michigan, (a pleasant and henlthy location) consisling of a Steam Saw Mill, whieh has probubly done as good business as any in the State, a dweiling house,, a siore and four vacant lots, &c. T. DEUEL. WnlW Latte, April 91. li'2. tf MORTGAGE SALB. DKFAULT having been made in the contlition of a Mortgage executed by Rufus Cro?sman and Lucy liie vife,to the undersiged, January fifteenth, eighieen hundred and thirty eight, and recorded in the Register's Office, in the county of VVastenaw, in Liber nomber seven, page three hundred and one, of the equal nndivided hnlf of the "Scio mili property," inclutinig the waler-povver, Mills, and about twenty-five acres of Land, adjoining the village of Scio, in aid county, and lying on both sides óf the River Huron, together with the rights of flowinglands covered by the mili pond, (fora more particular description of the premises, reference is made to the record of niortgage,) and no procepdings at lavv having been instituted to collect the instalment which became due on the eixteenth day of November, in the vear of our Lord, eigliteeu hundred and foriyone, ornny part thefeof. JVoticeishereby said mortgage will be forecloscd by aeale of the mortgaged prem ife (orsomc part of them) at public vendue at the Court honsR in Ann Arbor, in eaid county, on the tvvehty-fifih day of April next, al noon. SAMUEL" W. FOSTER, Mortgagee. Scio, January 24, 1842. lSvv 40 The above f=ale is postponed until tlie éeventepnth day of May instant, at the same time and place. SAMUEL W . KOSTER, Murigagee.


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