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TEMPERA NCE HOTEL, I BY HOBERT & TERBIUNE. (CORNKK OF lUICIUft VN ANO a MSHI.VGTON AVKXUES. J'KTüOIT ) T'.W. ribove Hmise p pleismtly s'tmted nenr -i he Ceinrnl Uailnnd Dunor, ;mi Ís riow undárgoing ihoriiugh repniys. Tie roome are p'"p lint, tli D (ja niúj Ue.dilñgi)U new, ntni ilie Table Will hosuppüed wirh the ch'oi'cesf öl i!in mnrUef. nn.l thc propfifttors ñss;i-e w!in wil fnvor tbein vvi.h ihcir cjustoin. ihit a I pau'ns sin!! bc taken to ráfikjB tlinir stny with tliem ngreenbíe. Fakk. veril I io ;in 1 nccojrti'inodauólS ond. O -iiTiiises tu convoy passengers to and from the Moiel ('ree of i'Xpë.niï'è. Deiroi-, April 27. I8'2. Wool harding' and Cloth T'.W. Snbscri'ner? rpspéct'uíly announce to the ciiizens Ann Aror m! vicnilv. thot iln-y I are prepn'-ed to cud wool üh! dress clo;h fo cusiomers. il the best style. mi 1 nt tire sho'rtf'st notice. Hnvinír g'od nmcliineiy. expciienced workinen, and lo practico in tbe onsiness. i hoy Inve 'he utmost conliu'ence iliut they sh;i!l give complete satisfacion. J. BF.CKLEY & CO. Ann Arhor. April. 25. 1 r 4-2. AD.MINISTRATOR'S SALE - l' lo nn order it ilie Ilo. Geo. Sodawick. JiuJgc ütrrobate; in and t'or tho cnun'y ut VVaslitciviw. brarini( date the ÍOjh day of Morch, A. I). 1-1'2. authort8Íng the sale of ;i part oí rué r:-,] c-sinte oí John Eünian decoased. 1 liall scll nt public aiio tion at the CoUf-t House, (or where the Itrst oireui was heil) in the vi Unge of ÍJ well. and cóiiniy of Livingston, on thc 6th dny Juni:. A. ). 1812. ntoneo'clock. P. M . iho lollowin;: described land. to wit, tl ie west hnlf of the soir.hprjit quarter of seetion thirty-six in township th'ee north of lour ensi. cotitnimnsr eii.dity acres DAN1KL COfK. Administrator. Howcll. April 12th. 1S42. 3.v POKK AND VVHEXT wanted by F. Dkni so.v, At which goods or nioncy will be paid ii Hiir míos. 'rin br An 1 9'). ito„ tf (AÖH FOK VVlítíAT. FDEN'ISON will pay cash ior Wheat on delivcry at h3 store. Ann Arbor April 37, 164S1.1 il r„ M A liiN t, I'. THE Subscrioer proposes to puhlish a perindicnl witli the abrtye tille, devoted to th iiei!iaatiin of Hümvs Phtsiówgy, Ihiknoio jy. I'HvsiröMiMY. 1'atik orf-isiY. and AsihovomiCAtj uid Hu.MAiN Magm t sn. liaving made these subjects niaitfi8 of serions nnd )atiem inveaiiiiation lor tome time past. and cunsiderinir tlie injreasingatu-ntion which hnslately beeti given to lliem by ihe learned. boih in this country and in Europe, it is belicved thm such a penodical is salled for. and that it will meet with liheral en couragement froni the lovers ot science. in this ; and other countries. One cbjoct of this work will be to cxci'e onr! I cnceurnge a spirit of nquiry. and to assist i' J siich investigations as mnv tend to seule the fo! , tí) win 5 among oihcr similar questions. 1 . Tint every living b i;ig posscsses n Masrm ■ i;nl Nninre. whit'h is goveined by laws peculiai i Vagnpficnl forees. 2. Tli; t the two Masnotic forees are the mem of sensniioii; and als:j, oí' voluntnry and involui: ■ary niotioti. Ó. Thnrevcry ycitil and Fhysical onnn, an evfry mUsc'iC. has its Corresponding Magneti pol es. 4 Thnt the Magneti: forces from the difiTerpn oi;iini tcimninio in the fnee nnd neck. and 1)} mea ná of t hom the vnri'ius expressions of Funr. Hope. Love. Anjer, etc . are expresscd in tlif coun'ennnce. and the inuscles and iimbs 'ire mndc o ol:ry the human will. tlms Inving the only true & laiionnl fonndition for the pciünre of Physirtffnoïtvy. nn'l shovin{r how it is, that the pféstrtné ind leelings are expressed in the features of the fo ce. 5 Thnt these organs and their consecutivo pules m íi y be excited, separntely. and their action miditied as the condition oí' the pattent may requiie. 6. Thnt the Phrcnological orgnns are not only located in groups. corresponeüng wiih the nature oí their action. bul most. i f not all ofthem exist in dcuble pnirs, and, one or more in triple or quadruple pairs! For iriöta.nce, there are two pairs of lndividoaiity, oiiu tnking oí' things and the other ot' persons; - two of Eventualiiy, one pair taking cogniznnee óf rocen t and the other of ancient evonts; two of Conipanson, one pnir (or ideas, and tho other for things: two of L'enevolence. one for'gíyiríg, and the other for piíy: two oí' Venerntion. one for the Dciiy, and the other for man; two of Firmriess. one rolating to conseientiousnes?, anti the other for perseverance, e;c . two of Sell Estecni, one íor thc Human WiCl and self-government, aid the other for the governmeiH of o hers - two pairs for Fear,two lor Muic. two for Place; and so of the orgnns óf Conscientioiisness. Belief, Amativoness. hove of Approbation, Secretivenesa, Acqnisitiveness, etc. etc. Andl believe there nre. at least, three paira for hv.gunne, one for mere Words. connectpd hy the Magnetic coles with Marvelousnesa, and givina a person the disposition to talk; one for proper hames: and the other ennnectod by the Mngnetic poles with Itíenluy, and Weiíjlit, for the comnüication of ideas and inielligcnce, and giVirig weightand expression to the sentences. I am fully satisfied of the exis-tence and lication of the following organs, nmung others: viz: Joy, Gratittide. Patriotism, Je.'ilousv. Modpsty. Aversión, Disconrentment, Sniel!. Taste. Pity. fleíriilíirity. Cheerfulness. Vee)injr. Conientment. Method. Retii'ition. VVir. ns distinguishcd froni Mirthfulnc-3; Mjlody v.3 distinguishcd from Iíarinonv. etc. etc.7. Tint the Magnetic forces. from tJic differcnr ovsrnns, have n peruünr coiincciion wuh encli other. bv meins of which they influence and excite each other ro united nctinn. 8 That ihe poks in the face are loeited n rorresponce with the different groups of Phrenological oranns 5). 7Ahat the . functions of some of the organs are in opposition to ench o'her. As. for instance. one orgn is tbr Joy. nnother fol Sndness: one for I.ove, another for Av;rsion; onc for SHf-Governmenr. anot'ier for Submission; one fur Foreivëb'etej anorhei for Rctrilmtion; one for Patience. nnother fnr Copii.'liininp;: one for Cour!rre. nnoiher for physicnl For; one fir Coniidencp in man. nnother for süspïöïön or Jenlonsy. This 'liscovery gives the truf sólúfíón of varioüsshades n the diameters of different individuáis wh'ch hnve never been exphined. either h Plirenolniïists or in any sysfeiïi of Menial science. hereto(ore offert (1 io the world. And mys'cries of a similir kind are further exnlained hy othprorans ■■ hit:h I Invefound, tn connection wiih the Snóye mftft'ihis the nunilicr npwards of one hmirlred in n'l. hesides tho polesof the ñervos of motion nnti scnsmion. nd the poles of the difierent ïnuscles. in] physieS) hrgniië. 10 Ari itis n re-narkable fact. tlmtone pnirof t'io orcraris. (tlie ' neHocii;il nnd Devo'ion'il ones, esppciully, 'i nre more elevctcd nnd refinrd in theii exercisfs thin the others. Tlius. I find. that the liiwcr oren na of G.oniparison takn con7.rinee of tliings. the upper ones compare i lens: tlie low.r oi-tTiins of Ca'.isiity nre exorcised on thing?, the upper on Metaphysicnl suljects. e'c. The 5u'"scribor !vis been engiaed for some time. in a conrap of maíinetic cerebral oxpnrinpnts. tin: resulta of which sro verv far. ns he believes. touards demonsiratinw these at=sumptions. nnd if ihey shmild prove fo bi true. all must ndmit thnt they are immenely iinprranf. ns murh so as any üscover-es ever made illustrating the Physical or Mental natures of m s.The matter will be illnstrnted with nmierous ' erirrivintt'. snme ofwhich are now ready for use. i ho. whole rrndering the work one of suTiassin ; irteresr. and evory wnv worthy ofpntronage Trom , he eiinous ori'l peientific, who wish to urulorstnnd the mysteries of hnman natmp. ThenlatPP wil! Iir of sppcinl in'erps'. innsmioh rs they vMII not nnly n[ilnin many masrne'ic phnonenn hiiheitno unknown. or nor undprs'ood hut one or morp. will bc trivcn dtsigho.'vig ibosefëhfii-rts in t'ie human ""''ff. '''■! the vu air e' 't r.'mrsr.s terrrdinir, f mm ihn d'ff'.revt. 'phsibfii and mr.nt.-il orgáhit. a thiritr never beTor'1 known; ftr-A hns wlli lio .ce n.'ihp. only true cxplfinntion of P'n s'oprvimij ever iven Ui the worl'l. In n w:ini. the vViirk shH he fillcri wiih new nn'l volu"l'le nnffpr, on every ques'i n '-"lntins lo Hip P'mfirnl, Mental, en 1 Mnrr tut' c N ''■■■es of Mar; rrphanii g tlic ph'enomennLbf S'cnwnkinrr. S mifmbtiltsni. Moii' m ■". Inaanlr. ffladhésè, Dtcjiviivx and Fi niliiim. thi desinei to exhihit the cluims f these suhji-cts on the nttention ojfthö cinli'l. nnd to nssist ihem in nscertainrhg how f;ir iTingriPtis;n has been, or may be usr-d, as a rreilicinnl apent. ín fu nishing nrticles for its pases, the siibs'cïibor expects the nssistnnce of medical and snientifie géntlismen, of the liighest ri;spectability in thoir profesión The M'ignet will he publislied once a month: each numt)prcotitairiif iwenty-foursuper-royalSvo. pnces, with a printed cover. Term8. $%Q0 per yéar, invariably in advance [t will, in ño case. be forwirdpd v ih? pny fotit bas lx en received. The first niimliT will be is sned os soon as five hundicd subscribers shall hnve been obtained. [CFAny person prócuring subsc-ibers. will be allov(;d to retain the pay for the fcuth. próvidod the balance be forwarded to the publisher. freo of espeïfse i', F-very rrlitor who shill crivc this Prospectus (includin this párngr(iph) six insertions. shall rcreive the M-inner. without an exchance, for tiiic year, providetj ihe papers roitnining this non'ce be iorwnrdüd. marked. to "'The Mngnet. 13S Fulton Sireet, New York City." LA HOT SÜNDF.R LAND. npJMÖtilY SÉÉD AtND MIUKsi - Cash J_ will he pnid at all times for Timothy Sj-:k)): tliDES and Whkat, whcn delivered at my store in Ann Arbor. (Upper Town.) F. D F. NI SON. DR. J. B. BAHNLS, FHYSIC1A.N AND SURGION.- Houe and Oflice, few duors south of the Liiiayette House, wherehecan be found niglu and day. Ana Arbor April 20thr 131.SCHOOL LIBRARIES FOR SALF,. AND ALL KINDS OF BY J.LAJMB, GENT FOR THOMAS WEBB OP BOS TON. FHIS LJBRARY IS HECOMMENDED B? THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTHUCTION. L. )A8 on lüto'i rïunïerouS setis óf ihe MA ) . SACHUSKTTSSrilOOL LIBRARY,& riüus oiher books reíatiñg to Scbools. In ndijitiöij to the ubove. M.. Lamb will in w dnys ipccivft n Jargesiipply óf SCHOOL BOOKS, American Manual, Boston Book, Poter Parley's Works, Arithmctics, Elementary 8peJlinr Books, Grammais, Gtooraphies, Atlases, Algeras, Oomcstic Dcohomy y Viiss Beeclier, Story on the Constitution, Variotis Pjirelologieal works, llaywanl's Pliysiologvj otlier books,too mmerous to mention, and all kinds of Ordeisfor the Libraiy. acidjessed lo me at thii tuce will be at'.endecJ io. Ann Albor, April L5. J342. TAILORING BüSiiVÉSS ! A M. NOBLE, vvoulii rcspecííuliy inforni tho ■lx cuizèns of Arm Aibomnd its vc iiiíy. that ie ii m opened a shop in theLower Town. mnienntelyover the hire mercantile stand f Lund &, sríbétíh, nnd oppösitë the s o e ot' J. Beckl. y & vo.. wltore lie is prepared at n!l ti.nes todo work n bis line, wnh promptness, and in a neat and iurnhle manner. Particular aitcntion will be pnicj to cuttin" gnr nen;3. Produce Will lie taken at the isuaJ pri es, for vork done at his shop. These who havd ash to piy tor services of thts kind, are particuarly invited to ciil A tin Arbor. April 27. 1842. tf WOOD! VVOOD!' WOOD'Ü TYANTED I.MMEDIATELY, a fw corda 7 T of g-nod dry w.iod iu exchange for ihe bfGNAL OF LlBKRTY." Aun Arb-jr, Apr, 22, 1842. HujLövy WARt:, srovEs. &.% T!E Subscribcrs have just received from ih Geniig-i Coinpnny's Furhace a large consin sient jf H. ■llowWnre. cons:srin of SPíDFJiS: and Fire Dogsof al] Urtsandsizw Ihey will also shortly be in rec-eipt of ot o'" PARLOR, COOKING, AND BOX STOVES, :nhmcing nll the varieties of the most improvcle itterns- nll of which they will sill nf furnoefl onces; addtng transportation; at wholesale or iell. They keep consuntïy on hand to sell at lowesf ates. SALT, frfsh fmm thr worl?n PI.OUR AxD TAR PARU.yH&CO. Nenr the Rail R.inil Dpot. Ann Atbor. 3Ty


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