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Political Action On Colonization

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i he Washington Correspondent of t'ie Journal of Commeice under date of the 7th inst. reporta thnt, "The Colonization Society have held repeated meetings here Jately. They were respectably at tended and were very interesting. Thcir immedats o'jcct is to obtain frorn the Government some :iid, either dircctly or indirat'ij, iri behalf" of the American coloniea in África. A government agent there, and an adequate naval forcé, are necessnry to protect the trade of the Uniied States in thnt quarter, asicdl as to promote the intere8ts of Colonization. Without this aid the colonies must soon fall. with the wliole trade, into the hands ofGreat Britain. Most of the trade is already carried on by Englund." Government aid is the 'inmediato object" of these eíForts. This proposition of enlistins: the energies of the nation in behalf of this scheme of expatriation is not new. But there ís surely acertain import and deep meaning in the loud claims thnt are made in thisdirection at ihis time. ':Harry of the West" is the good President of their Colonization Society and as there is some prospect of his coming to preside in a etill higher presideney, why should they not make Colonization capital of their relation to him. Or vice versn.why ehótild not the political friends of Henry Clay seek to ádvánce liij popnlatity by calling upon colonizationists to expect nid from governnient, and to look to ihis as an all-iinportant quesüon to that Society. ïf Clay can secure voles on Colonization ground, he has attached ro u's partv the negro-haters of the Norlh as one man. Most of these voiers he wfll hold "ex-officio" as president of their Society, and for the purpose of securing patronage from the general overnment. (if made the grand measure uf the Colonization Society.) every prominent'advocute af the scheme will turn Clny demagogue and s'ecticneer for him as a candidate for President ot he United States. But in the name of all reason, how can our mnkrupt governmentwith an empty treusury enist in an enterprise of colonization waste and extravagance! Aye, we have it! Our government now fancies itself nearly through with the Seminóle war; and has made such a fine epuculaion with 50 or 60 millions of money, and the irecious lives of northern soldiery, which have aeen buried in the swamps of Florida that they are ready to go forward to make investment in this Liaeria expedition. Who will dare promise us any worse succpss on thepesiiferous coast of Liberia han we have hod in the everglades of Floridsi


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