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Page's Portable Steam Saw-mill

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Whcn the mountain wont go to Mahomet, Mahomet must fain go the mountain, So with imber land and this ingemous machinist, Mr. 5age. Foresis of timber, however distant from owns or navigation. are easily accessible to nis o. tzblc circular saw. A few days since a party f gentlemen made an excuision in the afternoon o see it work in Mr. Calvert's woods. near ?ladensburg,( and the way it ran through the 'gnarled oak" was a caution. The great pecuarity n this use of steam power by Mr. P. consists in its movabilihj. I can be taken down and moved a mile in a day, and the next day set up and put in motion. The saw is capable of cut ting a lög four fcer in diameter, and will saw out 10,000 feet of inch plank in a day, with six hands in attendance. Tne operation is niuch expediied by an arrangement of the two carriages, by which a continuousaction of thn saw is secured. It has connocted with it a machine for boring and morticimr poets at the srnna opéra tion, and with perfect unitormity; nnother saw cuts up slabs and perliaps hogshead sta ves nnd heading; the rails are sharpened at the same time to fit the posts cxactly coming logc-ther at an angle, one, under theoiher, and notsideby side. as is usual; sothat the water passes offnd the rail is less liable 10 rot. This wonderlul machine will complet-e 300 or 400 posts in a day: by u a cord of w:od of the tops of the trees may be cut up in fifteen minutes. It seems to be oinnivonms - no part of the tree is reiented bv it.Jt is hard to estímate, in a country, where timber is abunáant nïid labor (iear, tire vnluo of a machine whicii may be c.arricd f rom oncforestto a?othcr. and that will cut a boartí. 22 inches wide and 36 feet bng, at the rate oí 66 feet iii a minute nnd a half. The machine is of 6 icet cylinder, 2 feet troke, 100 revolutions in a minute, and 64 oimds of síeam to the square inch. This portable consumer of forests is noic deoarang the woorls near Mr Cülvert's residence. ear the railroad just beyond Blndensburjr; and ny one can see it vvho may choose to step into a ar at 4 o'clock P. M-, and return by the cars


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