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Prospects Of The Liberty Party

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Inquines are often rnade on this topic, by those who have not the time, nor the opportunity in other respects, to vvatch the current of information which passing evenls are constantly elicting. I can on]y say in reference to this"matter, that, as far as I can judge, tlie progresa of free and just principies in this form, all over the country, is as rapid and sure as we had any right to expect. I this part of the State, at the Spring elections, wherever impartid freedom has been put in issue, and made the test question at the polls, our cause has gained immeasurable advantnges. It will of necessity take lirne to get under way. Our friend:; are not of theclass who have heretofore been the most active and forward at elections. They want discipline. They vill soon learn, thal the ballot box is the grcatest lecturer, and the most decisive moral power in this republic. Insorne instances, they have been inducec to forego present action, with the hope of serving more effectually the terrperance cause. In ibis postponcment of the gr eat issue, ILthink they have mistaken the true policy. Never let an opportanity be lost of meeting the enemy just at the point where he tramples truth and right in the dust; just where equal .iberty ís basely betrayed, and republican professions are deeply dishoiiored under the guise of friendship. It is plain enough, that men have become jaded and worn out with the party 6hackles they have so long dragged after them - they are breaking away from them - former ensnaring association8 and corrupt compacts, they are ready to abjure. Under these circumstances, if the friends of righteous governmenl will bestir themselves manufully, ligbt will bre?k in upón them, and they will be broughl to net out the true and the right in their political


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