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In regard to the state and national aspect of parties, they are both pro-slaery and wil remain so - and grow stil] more so, os the next Presidential election approaches : hit tha will settle the tthole gucríion down into a sla ren and anti-slavery party, direct. This reflection is dravvn ÏYom the fact, that, although the whirs, during the past winte (at the north) have occnsionally manifoslec strong opposition to the slavc power, and the nor! hem whig press spoken out manfully on some branches of the anti-slavery question; yet, eince the recent demonetrutions in favor of Henrv Clay as their candidate for the next Presidency, there is evidentlya shyness on the part bolh of the press to touch the delicate question, and the action of the whigs as men anda party indícate an acquiescrnce in what they feel to be ealling. Those of their prosses, as the York American in the city, and several in the country, which were deerned quite anti-slavery, are now loud in their calis for the Hero; I mistake; for the "Statesman of Jlshland'' to come forth to serve the nation as their Chief Magistrate. And many calling themselves aholitionists are suñering themselves to be put upon Clay clubs and Clay commiltees.Now what does all this prefigure? Let me predict: - why, tliat we shail never see either the democratie or whig partios, as soch, nny thincr but pro-slavery partjes. That each will clingto the sonth, by attaching a sluvehoJder to the Presidential ticket. And ns each fenrtofo too far, and offend the north outrinrht, whüe toslavory, so each will aitach a northern man to their 'ticket: nnd the probability is, ie will be on this wise. The u-lag ticket for the Prrsidency, icfll bc Henry Clay, A SLAVEHOLDER, and a northern man for the Vice Presidency. The Democratie willbe, Martin Van Bure.v, "a northern man ith soutiiern principies," for tlie Presidency, and a slaveholder for the Vice Presidency. Harnessed for the great battle in this manner, they will boih be well prepared to make Joud demonstrations towards the south; we hardly know which ought. to carry oíF ihe paJm. 'l'o the north it will be said by the whigs to rain fibojition votes, just this once;1 'Mr. Clay is tlie frieml oftfie ripht of petition - of a tariñ', and a bank toproh'ct northern nterptf? ' And as niary uili be nd'iced to In y principie ag a in, this wij) e'veas a tolerable mtrni to catch votos which ought, according to professed principies, be cast for tlie Liberty C-mdidates, James G. Birney and Thomas iMorris. The professed democracy never liavinjr made any advances towaids freedorn, will need to make no denionstrntions townrds tlx.' north: - thoir motto is ' Union right or


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