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FOR SALE OR RE.NT.- The Pinckney Temperance House and Store, which may be had on very favorable terms, if applied for soon. Apply to M'm. KIRKLAXD. Pinckney, May 20, 1842. River Haisin IKSTITUTE, nniIIS lnstitution is located in the town of JL Rnisin, néar the nörth bank of the beautiful river whose name it bears. one müe cast o f the direct road from Tecumseh lo Adrián. This eligiblesile hns been selected for its quiet seclusion, the fertüjty and elevation of its soil. i is pure and healthful atmosphere, and pleasant scenery. Rooms. - There are now on the premises 6iiitble rooms lor the accommcdation of forty students; which are designed to bi occupied for private study and lodg_ing Other necessnry building areprovided for recitntions and bonrding. EXPENSESTuition per Term of eleven weeks, 4.00 Board " with 4 houra work each week, 7,57 Room Rent, Lg Incidental, go Tofol, J2.95 Thsre will be an additio'nal charge of one dollar for those pursainp; the higher branches as Philosophy, Algebra, Geometiy, Astronomy, &c. For Chernistry, Latin. or Grcek au addition of two doÜRis will be made. Scholars are expecfed to provide themaelves with wint fiirniture they will need in their rooms, also. with lights, fuel, and wasliing - none will hereafter board thein sel ves. Bills to be settled in ad vanee. The school is opan fo all applJcants oí euitoble age and moral character irrespecti ve of comlyzion or condition. The summer sesfipn wil! commence Wcdnesday the fi st day of June and continue one term and a halt. It is very desirable that all who design to attend the school, should be on the ground - have their büls seuled. and thi?i rooms prepnred, belore the first cay of the Term. Any further infonnation enn be obtninud nt tho Insiituüon, or by adJressing, post püid. J. S. DiiO.N, FiiJlcipa!. Jlaisin, Lenawco Co Mich. Rdsin, May lOth, 1GÍ?. n5- ?mFASHIONABLE Hals, Caps, & 55omsets AGOOD nssornnent at the New York Cheap Store by D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arlwr. Mav Kiih. 8V. -hl TO PMYSICIANS AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. THE snbscriher invites the fittention of Phy Ficians und Country Merchants, to hi. iresent stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, 3ils, Dye StufFs, Varnish, Brushes, &.c. Sec. :omprising one of the largest and fullest assortnents broueht 'o the country. In his present tuck will be found: 100 oz Sulph. Quinine, superior French and English, 20 oz. Sulph. Morphia, 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpenter's WitherilPs Extract of Bark, 1 bbl. Powdered Rhubarb, 1 Chest Rliubarb Itoot, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calomel, 3 casks Epsom Salts, 15 casks Fall and Winter strained Sperm on, 40 boxes Sperm Candles, L000 ïbs. White Load, dry and ground, 4 casks Linseed Oil, 'Jentists Instruments and Stock Gold, Silver md Tin Foil Platina Ware, Porcclain Teelh. A general asortment of Palent Medicines, all of wh'ich will be sold on the most reasonable erms. PIERRE TELLER. 1S9 Jeffèrson Avenue, sign of the 'Gilt March 13. Mortar, Detroit. JEW GOODS. JH. LUiND is now receiving direct from Boston and New York, a largc and well selected stock of Merchandizo. consisting of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, GllOCERIES, CROCKERY, é? GLASSWARE, DRUGS $ MEDICINES, NAILS, ORADLE AND GRASS SCYTHES, BOOTS AND SHOES. #C 8fC. which hc offers for sale cheap for the rcady. Dated, Ann Arbor. May yr 1842.ESTÁTE OF JACOB LAWTON DECEASED. - Notice is hereby given, tliat he undersigned have proved the lest will and estament of Jacob Lawton, deceased, and have aken letters Testamentary ihereon, and have ;iven bonds according to law. All persons irvlebted to said estáte are requested to make pnynent williout delay, and all persons having claims igainst said estáte are requested to present the ame to the subscribers, weli uthenticated, for javment. GEORGE E. LAWTON. DAVID T. M'COLLUM, Executors of the last will and Testament of Jacob Lawton. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1842. 3m A BARGAIN FOR LAND HOLDKRS. THE eubscriber is desirous of exchanging ior good Wild Land, well located. hi; property, sitúate in the village of Walled, Oakland Couniy, Michigan, (a pleasant and hcalthy location) consisting of a Steam Saw Mïl,l, which has probably done ns good business as any in the State, a dweiling house, a store and four vacant lots, &c. T. DEUEL. Walled Lake, April 21, 1842. tf_ NÉW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, JJ?? reccjv und receiving at the New Yoik neap Store, purchased at the present low prices in New York, which will enable him to sell lower than ever before oílered in.this place, a large lat of Frénch, English and American GOODS. consisting of Dry Gdods, Croekery, Books and Stationary. Boots and Shoes, Look ing Glasses. AIso, a large lot of Yankee Nolions. wholesalc and retail D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Aibor. Mny 11, 1342.. 8w THE Subscriben are prepared to card Wool (or customers; liaving first rate machincs.and haying employed an experienced workman, they "cal confident of giving good satisfaction to all vho will favor them with their custoin. Their manufactory is two and a haít miles West of Ann Arbor on the Huron. S. W. FOSTER, feCo. Scio? Mayilth, 1842.Wool Carding and Cloth Dressing. THE Subscribers respecttully announce to the citizens Ann Arbor and vicinity, that they are prepared to card wool and dress cloth fov custoniers, in the best style, and at the short est notice. Havjngr gobd machinery, experienced workmen, and long practicé in the business, tliey have the utmost confidence that they shali give complete satisfaciion. J. BECKLEY & CO. Ann Arbor. April, 25. lf-42.


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