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The, ilo.ida War.- Extract froni the Washington correspondcnce of the New York Tribune May Ilili: "In the Senate to-day, a message was received from the President of the United States and read by the Secretary, relaiive to the Florida war. esthiming the number of Indians now remaining in Florida at 240, and 83 warrio.-s, announcing that he has authorized the officer then in commiind, as soon os he shall deem it expedient. to declare a cessation of hostilities, not to bc renewed unless rendered indispensable by hostiliiies on the part of the Indians; that he s instructed to endeavor to induce them to a peaceabie surrend,er; and that orders have been given for establiahing a military line of protection to the inhabitanis. The President sugcests the propriety of giving a quantity of' land on the frontier to each head ol a family who will permanently occupy it. and the loan of ammunition. for the defence of the frontier, &c. In the House, May 14, a resolution was adopted, instructing a committee on Naval Aflairs to inquire into the expediency of passing a law regardingan equal distribution of the appointments of rmdshipmen n the States, according to their popnlation under the sixth census. May 14. - The Appropriation Bill, as amended passed both houses. In the Senate, bilis were introduced by Mr. Tappan, for the publication of the account of the discovcries of the exploring expedition; and by Mr. Bento.v, for the armud occupation of Florida. May 17. - In the House, a move was made to fix the time of adjournment on June 13, but without success. The Navy Appropriation Bill was taken up. May 18.- 'n the Senate. the bill to relieve Gen. Jackson of the fine of $1000 imposed on him in New Orleans, was discussed. May 19. - In the House, the Navy Appropriation Bill was discussed. A considerable ponion of the members of the House were absent at Baltimore, atíeuding a review ef some volunteer companies!


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