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Rtode - The papers continue to give very copious exlrac'.s of the doings, speeches, oders proclamations, processione, &c, resulting fromthe troublesin this State. On the 17th, the suffrage party assemblcd in considerable nurebersin Provídence, ond an unsuccessful attempt was made to seize the arsenal, the suffragc men refusing to fight. On the J8th the Mavor called upon the citizens to close their stores, and take their stand hl the ranks of the military, who had been called out by Governor King. The whole body of the suffrage Senators and Representatives then resigned their oflices, declaring that they still adhered to the right to establish the riew constitution, but that thoy diacpproved of the course oí Gov. Dorr. Th s gentleman issued a proclamaron commanding the sufïrage troops to suffer no more arresta to be made, and assuring them of military aid from New York and elsewhcre. Later. - On the J9tb Gov. Dorr was missing, having been carried out of town in a priva. e carriage by a friend. It was supposed he was in Massachusetts. and that a requisition would be sent for hiin. The more moderate part of his foüowers werc unwilling to proceed to extremities. and the rr'jre violent were disgusted with his precipítate flight. Mr. Webster has visited ?Tuw York and Boston, but the report ihaf'he was coming to Rhode Island as a mediator to the contending parties, was erroneous, The Bruish expedifion into the interior of, by way of the Niger, has totally failed, owing to the unhealthiness of the climate. The crews of most of the vessels were dead, or laboring under siekreES. Virginia. - It is supposed that there will be a Democratie majority in the House of delegates of 30; in the Senate, 8. Last year there was a tie in the Señale, and a Whig majority of two in the House.American Anti-Slávery Societt. - The 9th anniversary waa held on the fotendön of the lOth inst The Treasurer's report stated, that the receipts during theyear amounted to $10,081 67; the expenditures to $9,700 00; leavíng a balance in the treasury of $381 67. The receipts were greater by about 3000 than they were lastyear. The National Anti-Slavery Standard, edited by Mrs. Child, haanearly doubled iis circuhuion. American and Foreign Anti-Si.avery Society held its second anniversary on the eveiiing of the lOih inst. Interesting intelligence was coinmunicated froin the Amistad Africans, and Sierra Leone - irom the missionarie8 at the West India and Sandwich Island8 - from England and France, and letters were read from distinguished indiviJuals. The case of the Creóle underwent a searching examination, and the language of the guvernnient ir. its communication to the American Ambas&adorat London was comrasted with a brilüant passage ofan oration delivered at Plymouth Rock in 1820. by Hon. Daniel Webster. An eloquent extract on the büghtinginfltiencea of slavery was read from a pamphlet by the Hon. Thomas F. Marshall. Joscph Sturge of tngland, was vindicated from the accusauon in someof the Atm-rican newspapers, that he is acorn monopolist and h wag shown that he was now actively engagü'd in promoting the repeal ol the odious corn laws, and that he hns recently taken an active pnrt in the great Birmingham meeiing of the friends of extended sufïerage.. and luis been elected President oí the 'JS'ational Complete SufTrage Union' lately formed in Englaud. The attack upon the Hon. J. Q. Adama and Hn. J. R. Gid d?ng in Congress. was commentèd upon with great se%erity,and the increased strong hold those venerated men have upon the grntitude and erfection of a large portion of the American people was alluded to in evidenceofthat patriotic cause. Copper & SüLPHUK,-The Galena Gazetiesays: 'a gentleman irom JLnc-ral Point informs us ihat ihe copper mine anear ttiat plice are yielding a fair proilt at the present time. The difficuhies heretofore experienced in smelting the ore. appear to have been overeóme. Sales have been made in New York at 20 cents per pound lor Wisconsiri copper Very recently the copper miners struck t. vein of pure flour of sulphur."


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