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Price of Wheat, ia Ann Arbor, 87 cents per bushel. Price ol flour, $5 per barrel. The Advertiser, May 24, says: Eighty barrels of butter arrived at Buflalo last week, from Michigan. Four yenrs ago, Ohio supplied our State with the anicle. It is said many western farmers are converting their corn, which is entirely unsalable at home, into meal, and transporting it east in barrels, where itbrings aremuuerating price. The papers state that much heese is now imported into England from the United States. It sells for sixpence sterling per pound. The duty is 12s 6d per cwt. nearly d per lb. The price of Cheshire cheese has fallen abont Bs per cwt. on account of export from America. Indiana Sta (e Bonds 6old in New York on the l3th inst. for 20 cents on the dollar. John Ward & Co., of New York, redeem the bilis of the bank of Upper Canada at 2è per cent. Brokcn Banks. - The following are the oggregate capitals, circulaticm, and specie, of the Banks of the United States, that failed duri "b Capital, 66,937,265 Circulation, 34,' 89.998 Specie in the vault, 5,603,523 This represents 25 per cent of the whole circulation of the Union cut off by stoppage witliin one year, and near 6,00u,000 of specie has been released by the operation, and thrown into circulation. The notes of the Farmer's Bank of Amsterdam are no Ionger redeemeJ at their agency in the city. - Argué. Six thousnnd bushelaof cotton seed have been shipped from Savannah, Georgia, to thè East Indies, the las six months.


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