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Foreign News: Arrival Of The Acadia--Fifteen Days Later From...

Foreign News: Arrival Of The Acadia--Fifteen Days Later From... image
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The Aoadia'ane up at about 6 o'clock in fine trim She hh Liverpool on tlio 4ih, and briügs Lontion and Liverpool paprers to tha day.The most important intelhgenceby ihiVarfivul, is that brought by the Overlnnd Mail ('rom India. ' The intelligencc from India is vicwed as highy sntisfactory, and it is thought thnt but a short time will elapse before the commercial relations with China will be beneficially arrangedk Ther has been no ihing of particuilar moment m domestic or foreign, poli tical commercial aflairs during the pnst (brtnight, with the exception of some disturbance amongst the workmen in the tnining and manufacturing districts, which have orginated in the attempt to reduce the arnount of wages of their labor in concequnce of ihe depre8sed siateof trade, or in their idea thnt 'i reduction will be proposed and effected, in anticipation that theeoet of the prime anieles of subsistence will be lessened ossoon as thenew tarifT comes nto operation. No serious consequences j have ensued, and there is reason to beheve that what did transpire has been very much mognified by the caterors for the presa. Quiet, we are happy to sny. his been completely restorcd. The inteüigence from India materially improved the English rmrkei, which at the commencement of business was very dull, with an evident tendency to decline. In the British Parliament the public business goes eieadily, notwithstanding thceffortsof the oppoaition: the premier is daily complimcnted with uddresse8 from public bodips connected witli the mercaniile inierests in the large seaports. and the great measures of the government become every hour more and more assured of success. - The corn importation bill was agreed to in the house of peers by a majority of more than onc hundred on each división, and in the house of commnns there have been decisive majoritics in favor of the income tax bill. Indii and China. - The British in China have cnptured three other towns, Yapoo, Tuikce, and Tunghova, which are situated withina circle, extendinir from 20 to 40 miles round Ningpo. Sir Hcnry Pottinger, who arrived at Hong Kong on the let Fcbruary, had abandoned the ntention of attacking Cantón. He was concentrating all his force wiih ihe view of directing them on Pekin, and had refuscd to treat with the commissioners sent to him by the emperor, being determined to treat but with the sovereign directThe British trpops still hold their poaition in AfTghan8tan. Gen. Sale appears to bc in nced of no a8sistance at Jellalabad. Ghunzee, Khelati-Ghilize, and Candahar. in spite of all rumors to the contrary, remain in the hands of the British. The accounts from the manuiacturing disrricts were still gloomy, though there had, apparenily. been sorne little improvementin the general state of irade. The rate of interest on bilis of exchangc and "otes discounted by the Bank of England," conti nued at four per cent.


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