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Exhibition Of Chivalry

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. - We commend theiollowing particulars ot the quarrei between Stanley and Wise to our Northern serviles. - , They ought to understand the character of their matiers'. More of W i se and Stanley. - Qvarrel on ihe road - mvch swearing-Uriking, and oth - ■ er extras. - From theBalrimore Sun, we gathbr the followmg particulars: - On Saturday 8ftemnon,May 7, about 4 o'clock, Mr. Wise & Mr. Stanley were ruling on ncarly opposite iides of the road, looking at each other their horses on the walk - an acquaintance in the lear - acarriage passed between them they restimed their positition again, whenhe gentleman nlluded to. rode up - commenced a conversation with Wise nbont tlie race they were gomgtosee. Sltmley te]] in the rear, and then rode up rapidly, just as they were passing through a mud-hole- brushcd ogajnst Wiee's horse, on the leff, with euch force as to push his hort=e against thf horse of his friend, and jarred Mr. Wise in h:e seat, at the Kame time bf;spattering bim with mud and water. Stanley darted ahead- Wise gallnpped up with him, and struck Stanley a heavy blow across the bock of the head with a black whnlebone wnlking cane, and with such force 8 to break it and the head end flew off some distpnee. remarking- No'v, damn you. ride Bgainst me npain." Mr Stnnley remarked. ( I did not see you,' and Mr. Wise replied, then I excuse it 'Mr Stanley, nfter a pause of a few seconds, snid, 'you come up bebmd aman to strike him '- Mr. Wise replied, 'there are gentlemen behind here who see how the matter is done' or words to thal effect. Mr. Stanley then' obeerved, 'you come up behind u man and strike him like n datríd coward. Mr. Wise replied 'Take. that blow and the coica rd, and malee the most of Akem damn youl' The gentlemau who had been in conversation carne up and said, This is no place to setV tle euch matlors.' Stnnley said, very well' &nd rode on towards the city. Rumors of a challenge from Stanley, were afloat. No one knows how tlie matter will end. Pretty busi':: ness, prelty talk, prclty gentlemen trulv.-


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