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The subscribpf informs the mrmbers of An ti-Slavcry Societie?, and all persons who dp6re to .-end the Slavery puhlientions tha have issued fVom the Anmicn press, that he has purchased all the bonks, pnmphlels, tracis prints etc. Intely belonping to the American Anti-Slaverj' Society, amountincr to obout eiyh thousand dollars, at old prices, vvhich he offers for sale by his ajrent in any ouanlity, at low prices for cash only. Snmples will be kept a his office, corner of Hanover and Exchanpe streets, and orders will be promtly attended to A catalogue of the principal publications isan'nexed, and the prices put against them are the present, (reduced) retail prices. By the hnndred or larger quantity, they will bê sold lovve - say for bound volumes! 25 ner cent. discount forpamphlets, tracis nnd pictures, 50 per cent. discount. With respect to most of them this is below the actual cost tn me in cash They veré not purchased with a v"w to sell at o profit, but to subserve the Anti-S'avery cause. Suoh an opportunity has not previously occurred to obtain Anti-Slaveiy publications at these reduced prices, and probably will not ap-ain. 0jr:'Editors of newspapera are requested to copy this advertipoment at length for three nntli.c,nntl their bilis will be paid in books, etc. Please send a cop}' of the paper containina1 the advertiseraent, LEWIS TAPPAN.ork, March lst, 1842. KJND VOLUMES. American Slavery as it is, muslin 50 Anti-Slavery Manual 20 Alfon Riots, by Pres. Beecher, of UI. Col!. 12mo. 25 Alton Trials 25 Slavery Rerord, vol?. 1, 2 and 3 set 5n Appeal, by Mrs. Ch 37 1-2 Anti-Slavery R un vos# 50 Beauties of Philanthvopv 33 1 3 Bourrip's Picture of jjlavery 50 Buxton on the Slave trade 5f Cabinet of Freef Enarkson's history of the slave trade,) vols?. 1, 2 and 3 eet l,0( Chloe Spear 25 Channing on Slavery 25 Bnnron on Slavery 25 Eman. in the W. I. by Thome and Kimball tntislin 50 do in boards with map 25 rt rOn.litution discovered 50 ntain. nlain b'iiditig, 64roo. 12 1-2 Gustavos Vassa 50 Grimkp's Letters to Miss Bepcher 37 1 2 Jay's Inquiry 37 1-2: Jay's View 50 Light and Trut h 20 Lifp of Gmnvillp Sharo 15 JVfott's Biosrrai'hical Sketchps 37 1 2 Memoir of Rrv. Lemuel Hanes 75 Do of Lovejny 62 1-2 North Star, ffHt edges S3 1 -3 Pennpvlvnnia Hall 75 Qnarterlv Anti-Slaverv Mnernzine, 8vo. 1,00 Rankip's Letters. 100 pp. 20 Right and wrong in Boston 20 Star of Frpedom, nnislin 12 1-2 Slaverr - containin? Dpclaration of Sentimpntsari'l ConiitiUion of the Amer. A. S SocípIv: Wp'ïIpv's Thnnahts on Slavprv : Does thpBihle sanction Slavery? Addrpss to thp Synod of . kv, Narntive of Amos Drepspr, and Why work fo the Slave? bound in one vol. 25 Slave's Fried, 32mo. vola. I, 2 and 3 pet 50 Songrs of the Free 33 1-3 Thomosone Reception in Great Britain, 12mo. 20 Tesfimonv of Gnd awoinjtt Slavery, 18mo. 2n Whpa'lv, Phillis Mpmoir of 25 West Tndips, by Prnfpssor Hovey 50 Wesr Tndips. by Harvey and Sttirgre 75 Wepley's Thoughts on Slavery, in muslin, with portrait 12 1-2 PAMPHLETS. Sets A. S. Almanacs, from 1836 to 1841 incli-sive 37 12 Address to the Free People of Color 1 Anciont Landmarks 3 Anolnjryfor Aholitionista 3 Ampricnn Slpvpry as Tt Ts - the Testimony of a Thonsand Witnesses 25 Aildress on Riht of Petinon 2 Addrrss to Senators and Representa tives of the free Stateg 1 Address on Slavery (Germán) 1 Address of Congrega ional Union of Scotland 1 Address of National Convention (Germán) 1 Ann. Rep. of N. Y Committ e of Vigilanoe 25 Do. of Mass. A. S. Society 12 1-2 Appeal to Women in the nominal Jy free States 6 1-4 Authentic Anecdotes on American Slavery 2 Address to the Church of Jesus Christ, by the Evang lical Union A. S. Society, New York citv. 4 Anti-Slavery Catechism, by Mrs. Child 6 1-4 Adams', J. Q. Letter? to his Constifupnfs 4 Adams', J. Q. Speech on the Texas Question 12 1-2 Annual Reports of Am. A.. S. Society, 3d, 4th, 5th and 6h 12 1-2 Annual Reports of N. Y. city Ladies' A. S. Society S Appeal to the Christain Wonnen of the South 3 Bible against Slavery 6 Collection of Valuable Doeuments 6 1-4 Birney's Letters to the Churches 2 Biniey on Coloniation 2 Chattel Principie- a Summary of the New Testament argument on Slavery, by Beriah Green 6 Chipmaa's Discourse S Channing's Letters to Clay 6 Condition of Free People of Color 3 Crandall, Reuben, Trial of 6 Dissertation on Servitude 12 1 -2 Dckinson's 3 Does the Bible sanction Slavery? 1 Dec. of Sent. and Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society 1 Discussion bet ween Thompson and Breckinridge 25 Dresser's Narrative S Extingtiisher Extinguished 3Eltnore Correspondence 6; do in sheets 4to. 2 Emnncipation in West Indiee Thome and Kimball 12 1-2 Emancipation in West Indies in 1838 3 Freedom's Defense 6 Garrition'g Address at Broadway Tabernacle 6 Guardian Genius of the Federal Union 6 Genei ons Planter 3 Gilleit' Review of Bushnell's Discourse 6 Immediate, not Gnidiial Abohtion l2-L Jav's Thonghts on the Duty of the Episcopal Cinireh 3 Liberty, 8vo. 2; do; 12mo 15 Morris's Speeeh in answer to Clay 3 Mahan's Rev. Juhn B. Trial in Kenfurky 12 1-2 Martyr Age in America, by Harriet Martineau 6 Mofcrn Fspediency Considered 6 Power oí Congreso over tbe District of CoJumbia 6 1-4 Plen fiir the Slave, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 3 Prorepd'Offs of he (VJeetin? to form Broadwav Tabernacle Anti-Slavery SocietX 1 Pro-Slavery 1 Rural Code of Haití 6Roper, Aloses, ís'arrative of a Fugitive Sl.ive i2_a Riilhts of Cnlored Men 12 1 2 R.uírgles?s Antidote 0 Rijílu and Wrong in Boston 12 1 2 Slavery Rlnmes 6 Slade'R Sppoch in Congres n 18S8 S Smi'h's Gerrilt Lptter to Jas. Smylie 6 Do. Letter lo Henry Clay 6 Slnvcholding Iuvanably Sinful, malum in se," q Southnrd's Manual Star of Froedom , Srlimiickerond Smilh's Letters ( Slaveholder's Pr iyer Slaveholdinjí Weiched $ Slavery n America (London); do. (Germany) c The Míirtyr, by Beriah Green i Thingrs for Norálern Men to do Views of Colonizaron, by Rev. J. Nourse 4 Views of Slavery and Emancipation, by Miss Marlineau q Wesleyan Anti-Slavery Review 2.' War in Texas, by Benjamin Lundy 6 Why work for the Slave 1 Wilson's Address on West India Emancipation 4 TRACTS. No. 1. St. Domingo, No. 2, Caste, No. 3, Colonizntion, No. 4, Moral Condition of the Slave, No. 5, What is Abolition? No. 6,The Ten Conimandments, No. 7 Danger and Safety, No. 8, Pro-Slavery Bible, No. 9, Prejudiee apainst Color, No. 10, Northern Dealers in Slaves, No. 11, Slavery and Mis?ions No. 12, Dr. Nélson's Lecture on Slavery. The above Tracls are sold at 1 centeach.PRINTS, etc. flliistrations of the Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1840 s The Emancipated Family 25 Sla ve Market of America s Correspondence between O'Connel and Stevenson 3 Do. do. Clay and Calhoun H 1-2 'rinter's Picture Gallery 3 Letter paper, stamped with print of Lovejoy sheet 1 Do. with Kneeling Sla ve sheet 1 'rayer for Slaves, with AIusic, on cards 1-2 Potrait of Gerrit Smith 50 In addition, are the following, the proceeds of which will go mi o the Mendmn fund. Argument of'Hon. J. Q. Adaras in the case oftlie Amistad Africans 25 Argument of Roger S. Balwin, Esq. do do j j. Trial" of the Captivee of the Amistad 6 Congressional Document relating to do. 6 Portrait of Clinquez 1,00 March Sd, 1842.


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