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-ECO.VOMY rs WEALTH." THE Suoscribers wjll-pay pay two cents per pon d in Goods or i'uper tor nn qiuintity oí íood clean SW1NGLE TOW, deiivered at the nn Arbor Paper Mili. JONES & ORMSBY. Ann Arbor. April 27, H42. tf COFARTiNEKSHIP. THE undersigned James Jonks & Caler N. OrMiBY. under the name and tirm of JONES t ORMSBY. have this day formed a co-paitïership for the manufaciure and sale of PAPER, f vario as dcscrip'ims and quality. They have jonnected with their Mili, a B O OK-B 1 ND E R 1% -vhere all orders in ihat line may be met wkh "leatness and despatch. They are now incrcasing heir machinery, by which :hey will be enabled lore promptly to answor orders 'ör paper. &-c. JAMES JONES, C. N. ORMSBY. Ann Arbor, Mareh, 8,1842. tíThreshing Machines. npilft undersigned would mforrn the public thn __ they conrinue to mcnufncture HotuB Powkhs nnd Machines, two nnd a hnlf :niles from the village of Ann Arbor. on the rail rond. The Horse lJower is a late invenüon by S. VV. Foster, and is decidertly superior to any othei ever oifered to the public, as wijl appear by the .statements of ihose who have used them during the hst year. II is light in weight and small in compnss, being carried rogether wnh the Thresher, in a comnion wnggon box. nnd drawn with ease by two horses. lx is os linie liable to break, or get out of repair, ns ony other Horse Power, and will work as easy and thrash as much with fitüt liorses attached to it as any other power with fivc horses, as will appear from the reconimendnlions below. New patterns have been made for the cast Iron, and additional weight and sirength applied wherever it had appeared to be necessary from one year'suse of the machine. The subscribers deern it proper to state, that a number of horse powers were sold last year in the villige of Ann Arbor which were helieved by tht purchasers to be those invented by S. W. Foster, and that most or all ol them were eiiher mad matei i:illy different, or altered betore sold, so a to be materially different from those made anc sold by the subscribers. Such nlterations being decidedly detr menta to the utility of the machine They have rood reason to believe that every one of those returned by the purchasers as unsatisfac torj were of t.iia class. They are not aware thn any Power that went from their shop, and was pu in use, as they made it, hns been condemned o laid nsidens a bad machine. All who wish t buv are invited to evamine them and to enquire of those who have used them - There will be one tor examination at N. H. Wing's Dexter viltnge; and one at Martin Wili.son's sto.ehmse in Dut oit - both these gentlemen being aents for the sale of them. The price will be $120 for a four horse power with a threshing machine, with a stave or wooden bar cylinder; and $130 f(,ra horse powc with a threshing machine with an ron bar cylinder. The attention of the reader is invited to tne folowing recommendations. S. W. FOSTKR&CO. Scio, April 20. 142.RECOMIENDA TIONS. This is to certify that wa hnve used one of S W. Foster's newly inven ted Horse Powers for about five months, and threshed with it about 3000 bushels, and believe it is constructed on 'etter principies than any other Horse Power. ne of the undersigned has owned and used eight different kinds of Horse Powers.and we believe that fjur horses will thrssh as much with this Power as five will with any other power with which we are acquamted. H. CASE, S. G. [VES. Scio, January, 12, 1842. TJs ís to inform the public that I have purchasd, and have now in use, one of the Horse Powr8 recen tly inventeil by S W. Foster, made by S. W. Foster, &Co., and believe it be construct ed upon better principies, and requires Icss s'-rcngtk of horses than any other power with which I am acquainted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clemena. Sept. 8, 1941. This is to inform the pnblic that I have purchased oneof the Horse Powers, recently invented by S. W. Foster, and us d it for a number of months, and believe it is the best power in use, working with Iess strength of horses than any other power with which I am acquainted, and being smal! in compass. is easily moved from one place to another. I believe 4 horses will thresh as much with this power as 5 will with any other power. The plan and the working of this power havr been universally approvod of by fermers for whom I have thrashed. E. S. SMITH. Scio. April 11, 1842. SMIJT MACHINES.The subscnbers tnake very good fcjMUT MACHINES which they will sell for $60. Thii machine was invented bv one of the subscribers. who has had many year's experience in the milling business. We invite those who wish to buy a good machine for a fair price to buy of us. It is j worth as mu:h as most of thi machines that cosí ifrom 150 to $300. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April, 18, 1842. Woolen IYIanufactory. The subscribers have recenily put in operation a woollen manufactory for manufacturing woollen cloth by power looms, two and a half miles west from Ann Arbor village. on the rairoad, where tliey wish to manufacture wool into cloth on 6hnres, or for pay by the yard, on reasonahle ternis. They huve employed experienced woik men and feel confident that work wil! be well done. They therefore respectf'ully asli a share of public patronage, especially from those who are in favor of home industry. Wool may be left at Scio village. S. W. FOSTER & Co. Scio, April IS. 1H42. rpHE AEiYlERICAN JOUKNAL OF SCf' ENCE AND ARTS. CONDUCTED BY PROF. B. S1LJLIMAN AND B. SILLIMAJN, Jr, OF YALE COLLEGE. The Ediiors ol this Journal, wish to cali puolic atteniion to the fact that they will hereaf'ter onthe condition. stated below, frank the nos. to' all oftheir subscribers who receive the work ui kkctlt from THE.M by mail. Their object in maliing this offer, is to place those persons who are eo situated that they cannot take the work through n agent, a nd therefore free of charge of transportaron, on the same footing in this respect with . city subscribers. Subsc ibers by mail have herej tofore paid from $1 to $1.37$ perannum for post age. which has been a sutficien consideration to induce many to decline taking the wo k. Now that this objection is removed, upon the simple condition of punctual remiltance. the Editors confidently hope that the number of their mail subscriben will be much ncrea.sed: and they makeno apology to thcir present supporter nnd contributors, for asking their nssistance in aiding thent tosii8tain thip experiment, by making this notice more public, and by inducing their friends to subscribe. Experience has proved that the mail is by rar the best means of conveyance to disram subscribers. the most sure and mo-r speeiiy: and all attempts to establish agencies at a distance and a way f om the great lines ol transportation have utterly failed - delay and dissatisfnetion and ofcen ab.indonment of the work being theresult. The American Journal of Science nnd Arts s published at New Haven, Connecticut. Each nu.nber contains at least 200 paces, closely ant h;indsoinely printed on good paper, aud Cully il lustraied by engravings. The subscipiion is $6 in advanck, by mail The extra dollar beyonc) the usual price of the litprary qua terlies is inispensable, on account of a more limited pat ronag and the great expense oí engravines. Remittances should be made if possible in easi ern money. but if that cannot be olnnine'l, ihe best bilis which can be had may be substituted. nnd no discount will be charged upon them. Subscribers will reinember the reeulntmn ofthf Post Office departnient, by whicr. postmus'.ers are anthorized to remit paumnits for pcrwdirate free of postage. iftke letter containing the remitiunces is writtcn by thcmselvcs All letters and remitt nces direcled to the Editors of the Ameiucw Journal of Siknce anii Arts. New Haven, Ct., will reeeive prompt attention. N. B Subscriberswho wish to avail them selves of the free postaee. must see that their ac counts are not p arrears when such is the fact. the Editors ennnot pay the postage. (CF Advertisements are inserted at the custom ary rates. and the European circulation of the work rendera it a desir ble v i ele for the advertisements of American publishers; the usual publication day is the last of every quarter Nw Haven, Conn... Jaa. 1841. Iw53


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