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AADL Talks to Rhonda Gilpin


One of Ann Arbor’s Heritage Businesses, [|The Caravan Shop] has been an anchor in the historic [|Nickels Arcade] for over 80 years. Opened in 1927 by [|Frank] and [|Jean Karpp], it is known for its eclectic merchandize with an international flavor.

Recently, its current owner [|Rhonda Gilpin] talked with us about the history of the shop, how she came to own it and her goal of keeping it a family business. She talked about the pleasures and challenges of doing business in a college town. Rhonda is also the owner of [|Arcadian Antiques and Collectibles] located in the Nickels Arcade. She credits the "Think Local" initiative and the nice mix of new businesses for the improved retail climate in Ann Arbor.

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