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AADL Talks to Steve Amick

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 4:42pm by aadl staff

Author Steve Amick’s second novel Nothing But a Smile (2009) is a delightful love story of a man and a woman who choose an unconventional way to redefine themselves during and after World War II.

Called "kinetic and clever slice of 1940s cheesecake" by reviewers, it is set in 1944 Chicago when Wink Dutton, a former illustrator for Yank and Stars and Stripes (newspaper), discharged from the Service with an injury, rented a room above the camera shop run by Sal Chesterton, and became a willing collaborator once he discovered her astonishing secret enterprise.

Recently, Steve sat down with us and discussed why he picked the subject of the pin-up industry for the novel, the person very dear to him who inspired it, and how Argus Camera came to be a prominent element in the story. He also talked about growing up in Ann Arbor and being nurtured by a middle school teacher to write.

He shared his thoughts about living and working in Michigan (and his secret hideaway up north), favorite authors, parenting, and his choices for bedtime stories for his young son. We were surprised to learn that Steve is also a musician. Listen to this interview, and find out more about Steve from his website.

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