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THE Subscriber proposes to publish a periodical wiih the nliove title, devoied to tli iiivestigation uf Human Phvsiolugy, I hrknoi r. gy. Physiognomy, Pathognomy, and Astkonomical, and Human Magnktsu. Having ninde these subjects matteis of serious and patiënt investigation for bomc time past, and considering the increasingattention which liaslaicly been given to them by the learned. both in this country and in Europe, it is believed that such a periodical ii called for, and that it will meet with liberal en couragemcnt from the lovers of science, in thi and otlier countries. One object of this work will be to excite onencournge a spirit of inquiry, and to assist i such investigations as may tend to settle the fol lowin, among other similar questions. 1. That every living being possesses a Magnet cal Nature, which is governed by laws peculiar h Magnetical forces. 2. Thnt the two Magnetic forces are the mean? of sensation. and also, of voluntary and involun tary motion. 3. That every Mental nnd Physicnl organ, ano every muscle, has its corresponding Magnetic poles. 4 That the Magnetic forces from the different orguns terminale in the. face and neck, and by nieati8 of them the various expressions of Fear, Hope, Love, Anger, etc, are expresscd in the countennnce, and the muscles and limbs are made 'o obey the human will. thus laying the only true &, rational foundation for the science of Physiogno my, and showing how it is, that the passion and teelings are expressed in the features of the face. 5. That these organs and their consecutivo poles may be excited, separately, and their action modiiied as the condition of the patiënt may re quire. 6. That the Phrenological organs are not only located in groups, corresponding with the na ture of their action, but most, if not all of them exist in doublé pairs, and, one or more in triple or quadruple pairs! For instance, there are two pairs of Individuality, one taking cognizance of things and the other of persons: - two of Eventuality, one pair taking cognizance of recent and the other of an cient evente; two of Companson, one pair for ideas, and the other for things; two of Benevo lence. one forgiving, and the other for pity; two of Veneration, one for the Deity, and the other for man; two of Firmness, one relating to conscien tiousness, and the other for perseverance, etc. two of Self Esteem, one for the Human Wim, am self-government, and the other for the government of o two pairs for Fear, two lor Music two for Place; and so of the organs ofConscientiou8ness. Belief, Amativaness, Love of Approbation, Secretiveness, Acquisitiveness, etc. etc. And I believe there are, at least, three pnirs for language, one for mere words, connected by the Magnetic poles with Marvelousness, and giving a person the disposition to talk; one for proper names; and the other connected by the Magnetic poles with Ideahty, and Weight, for the commui icatton of ideas and intelligence, and giving weight and expression to the sentences. I am fully s satisfied of the existence and location of the following organs, among others: viz: Joy, Gratitude, Patriotism, Jealousy, Modesty. Aversión, Discontentment, Smell, Taste. Pity, Regularity. Cheerfulness, Weeping. Comcntment. Method, Retribution, Wit, as distinguished from Mirthfulness; Melody as distinguished fromHarmony. etc. etc, 7. That the Magnetic forces, from the different organs, have a peculiar connection wifh each other, by means of which they influence and excite each other to united action. 8 That the poles in the face are loeated in eorresponce with the different groups of Phrenological organs 9. That the functions of some of the organs ire in opposition to each other. As, for instance, me organ is for Joy, another foi Sadness; one for Love, another for Aversión; one for Self-Goi'ernment, another for Submission; one for Foriveness, another for Retribution; one for Pa:ience, another for Complaining; one for Courïge, another for physical Fear; one fur Confidence n man. another for suspicfon or Jealousy. This liscovery gives the true solution of various shades n the characters of different individuals wh:ch ïave never been explained. either by Phrenoloïists or in any system of Mental science. heretofbre offercd to the world. And mysteries of a 3imilar kind are further explained by other oreans -hich I have found, in connection with the above. making the number upwards of one hundred in all, besides the poles of the nerves of motion and 3ensation, i-rid the poles of the different muscles, and physical organs. 10 And itis a remarkablc fact. that one pair of the orsrans, (the Intcllectual and Devotionnl ones, especially,) are more elevated and refined in their exercises than the others. Thns. I find. that the lower organs of Comparison take cosnizance ol things, the upper ones compare ideas: the lowc.r organs ot Causaity are exercised on things, the upper on Metnphysical subjects. etc. The subscriber has been engaged for some time. in a course of magnetic cerebral experiments. the result8 of which go very far, as he believes. towards demonstratin? these assumptions, and i they should prove to bs true, all must admit that they are immensely important, as much so nsany discoveries ever made illustrating the Physical or Mental natures ofMN. The matter will be illustrated with numerous enenvings. some of which are now rendv for use the whole rondering the work one of su -passing interest, and every wny worthy of patronage from the cunous and pcientific, who wish to understand the mysteries of hnman nature. The pintes will be of special interes', innsmuch ns they wil not only explain many magnetic phenonena hiihertoo unknown, or not understood but one or more, will be given designating tkoscfeatv.res in the human fnre. ircre the masve'ic courses termínate from the different physical and mentnlorgans. a thing never before known; ard thus wili be peen. the only true cxplanotion of Pfns:ognnmy ever iiven to the world. In a word, the work &ha'l be filled with new nnd vnluaMe matter, on every ques'hn rflaing to the Physical, Mental, an'lMagnct'C Nutres of Man; erplain'vg the phenomenn of SJrej)icaking. Svmnambvtism. Monormnia. Insanitij. Madness, Dreaming and Fonatitism, the whole designed to jxhibit the claims of these subjects on the attenion of the candid. and to assist them in ascertainng how far magnetism has been, or may be used, is a medicinal agent. In fu'-nishing artides for its pages, the subscrier expects the assistanco of medical and scienific gentlemen, of the highest ruspectabiliiy in heir prnfession The Mngnet will he pnblished once a month: ach numhercontaing twenty-fourauper-royal8vo. acres. with a printed cover. Tenns. $2,00 per year, invariahly in advance. 't will. in no case, be forw.irded ti 11 the pny forit ïas ben received. The first numbr will be is. iiied ns soon as five hundred subscribers shall inve been obtained. (CPAny person procuring subscribers. will he Ilowed to retain the pav for the fou-th. provided he balance be forwarded to the publisher, free of xpense „ # F.very rditor who shall give thisProspect.8 Cincludine this pnragraph) six insertions. shnll eceive the Mngnet. without an exchnnsre, for one ear, provided the papers oontnining this noticr. be irwardfid. marked. to "The Magnet. 138 Fulton ireet, New York City." LA ROY SUNDERLAND.


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