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The Correspondent Of The N. Y. American, Thus Describes The...

The Correspondent Of The N. Y. American, Thus Describes The... image
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Phe correspondent of the N. Y. Americnn, thu. describes íbn persona! nppoarnnco cf J. Q. Adams. The tone ofhis voice, when lio íhrows.ali his tremend'His nndecayed force upon any snnh specimen cf folly or vici--odnes.?, hns nn effect on hls hearers totnllv indescri nblo, and unöppvpcinbió hv a fnèré renifer of !ii: Bneechps. ! 'i-; hiu'ilv ;ir';io!] tn.,. licavitiir ;m howing framo f'orwnrd oVfir his (Iê.k witli, riie struirrlf; tomnke soiiip stronsr Ihrnst: feil; the sndden (irery flusl) of his o-enenilly pnlo feai ture?, nnd tíio srorn plnre of his nndimmed thoufirh wateryeyo - are the'othèr accompnnimpnts of the impapsioned out. brc;il., hvwhich hp commands everv ppn?e of even his Jrast intelligent auditor?, md inakes them fe.d u-lüit thf;y may not undptslan.]. 'l'iiese are the sitrns of his pnero-y and wr.-ith which we hnve hitherto seen manifest only in his battle with the Hnve tymnny; but to-dnj', with peculiar effect, and to the astnMishment'ofnU, he bnrst forth upon Tyler whom he has never hithorto lionored with the B%hest notice. Cold silent contempt serm? to hnve heen his only previ ons state of mirjd tovvards tlie present Adminisfration.


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