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Presidents Of The Senate

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Since the adoption of the Constition, tliere have been seventy six elections of President pró tem. in the Senate, as follovvs: From Vircrinia, 3 New Hnmpshirc, 3 Sonth Carolina, 17 Pennsylvunia, 3 Maryland, 13 Massachnsetts, 2 Georgia, 5 Connecticur, 2 Kentucky, 3 Vermont, 4 North Carolina, 4 New Jer.sey, 3 Tennessee, 5 - Alabama, 10 Free States, 16 Slave States, 60 The nbnve table gives the numher of elecf ions,not nf individuáis cliosen. For instance, Alaboma hns 10, being the niimber of limes that Mr. Kintr, of that State, has been elected -President pro tem. of the Sennte. This is a curious illnstration of the care with which the slaveholders watch for their interests. Mr. Southnrd is the only man from the free Stotos that has been chosen President pro tem. in the Senate for 30 years, and his health has been snch that lie has hnrdly bepn been in bis seat for a whole dtiy's eitting this winter. There is a hardly a thoughf, here, that a Northern man will be again chosen.- On the contrary, it is believed, ïf either party should norninate the ablest and most poptilar Northern man in its rankf, and the South tts most inferior and ill-nno]ifieii slaveholder, the


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