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President Tyler's Cook

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Jt may bc riocmed uncourieous by sorr.c. to presume to meddle with the domestic arrangcmentsofour worthy president; but the ibllowinglittle incident will help to illustrnte the blessings of the 'Patriarcal Instiiution," and substahüate the ofi repeatcd assen on that the slaves are well used, contented and liappy. A gentleman of Troy, ju.t returned from Washington, called at our office a few, days since; and on his observing that he liad just returned from ihere. we enquired if he had seeu any thing of the workings of slavery. He nnsvveicd )ie had, and remarked that among other thing3. he was one day walking in the grounds attaehed to the " White House," when he catne in contact with a respectable looking colored man; when the foll )ving brief conversation took place between thcm. Mr. to the colored man; Are you n freernan? Coforèi Man. No sir. I am a s!ave! Mr. . Well. I suppose you do not caro fjr that - yon musí be happy and coníented in pucii n sihiriüon ip hip. "tjd withnl, a slnre to the President: are you not?' Colorad Man 1 do not know sir, why you shonld ask me such a question, or suppose any such thing. Mr. . Why, it is bec ;iise, we at north often hear soulkern men and some northern men t'io. whö liave traveleil at the south, say "die slnves une verj Bnppy oikI cnientffl," and ■"nmch bjéltër oííthnn free c lored prople." Colored Man. I don"t know how thnt can bc sir- that a man ns n slare enii be better offthnn a free. man. seems impossible. I gncss if they lnd to talco my plnce and, bc hired out In thnr tnastcr, as I um hm e to Puf.sidknt ftr 30 a mont'i. and reec'v ; only $0 dollars of it lo support tfiéêr with. cs J do they woiild not i!)in!v iheir óoudiüon was so niighiy nir. . ÍIow many sl-ivos has Presiderit Ty'.ci? Colored man. Only fovr sir, at the Wliiic House. Did not know how man he he had clsewhere. Mr. . ïlnvc i;ou a wife? Colorr.d Man. Tes sir, in Virginia; ï havo not seen her lor months. Do the slnveholders ever separate husbands and ivives rhrn - and families? Culorcd Man. Cenainly fir, whenevcr they cliODse. Two of the slaves f the President have notseen their wives since the President carne to Wellington. And they ofteh sell thetn forever ;ipnrt! ! llere the conversation ended; but not without wiiisiying our enfjutrer. thni no condition in ."-■- cc.nj. can malte iis subjncts :'contented and hnppy." Indeed the very idea that a man cnn bc d slave - oose his identity as a nan, and becomea clnttcl - nnd in that siluation be nappy, is an absuidity. too fidicufóús to need a monient's


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